South Asian Weddings

Dj Yogz Boston, MA

Dj Yogz did an AMAZING job everyone had a great time. I had my wedding in Newport, RI. He also picked me up when i fell which was pretty funny by the way. He did a great job organising which Rebecca from Castle Hill and eveyrone else that you worked with on my wedding. I got tons of compliments on the music which was played during the ceremony, generally there is no music being played during the ceremony at Guyanese indian weddings and everyone though it was so refreshing and loved loved the songs that he and his team chose. All my guests felt that it added to the mood of our of ceremony which made it felt a bit more intimate. Cocktail hour was fabulous as well. And of course we all enjoyed on the reception is was GREAT !!!! The music was wonderful which kept me and all of my guests on the dance floor. Also i thought it was great that he tried to get all my guests on the dance floor and he was on the dancefloor as well making sure that all my guests knew how to dance to indian and caribbean music. My guests kept asking if we chose a playlists and i had said that Dj Yogz chose eveything they were very impressed with him and his teams' selection of songs. I also thought that it was great that he had great recommendations for us in terms of agenda and pictures. A FANTASTIC JOB WELL DONE !!!!
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