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Bridesmaid gift??

Hi ladies!  I wanted your opinion on something.  I have 6 bridemaids and I have bought them saris with matching jewelry for the wedding.  I am also planning on paying for them to have their hair done on the wedding day.  Do you think it is necessary to buy them an additional BM gift?  Initially I thought no, since they are not having to pay for their outfits or hair.  However, the more I think about it, all of them are flying in for our wedding and staying 2 nights in a hotel, as well as organizing my bridal shower and bachelorette party (who knows how much all that will cost).  And they are all flying to Vegas for my bachelorette party.  I really do think it would be nice to give them a separate gift to show my appreciation.  Since only 1 of them is Indian, I highly doubt any of them will ever wear the sari or jewelry from the wedding again.  However, everything with the wedding is getting to be too expensive that it's hard to put this into the budget.  Do any of you have any recommendations on a nice BM gift that is not too expensive?  Any thought would be great!  Thanks!

Re: Bridesmaid gift??

  • shoodleshoodle member
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    edited December 2011
    Personalized large tote bags and jewelry boxes seem popular and affordable.
  • edited December 2011
    ditto. I got them travel bags from TK during one of their sales. It came out great and didn't cost a ton. I put all their saris, jewerly, skirts, bracelets, and a Thank You card in there. I am getting my MOHs a bottle of wine as a little extra something. Both my sisters love wine.
  • bridetobeeebridetobeee member
    edited December 2011
    Maybe you can go to an outlet center and search for something? Sometimes, they have incredible deals! Some ideas I had were to buy them groupons for spas, manicures, massages, etc. Kind of like an "after wedding" relaxation package for them too. Good luck
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