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Any reviews on DJ Magic Mike?

Hi ladies!  I am having my wedding in Rhode Island in June 2011 and there are not too many Indian DJ's in the area.  Several people have recommended DJ Magic Mike from NY/NJ to me and I was wondering if any of you had used him or other DJ's from his company?  He seemed very experienced but a little pricey.  That being said, I am willing to spend a little more on the DJ if he is as good as everyone says.  Anyone have any experience with him?  If you have, out of curiosity, how much did your package cost?  He has different packages so I suppose if you pick the very basic one, it won't be too expensive, yet some of the extras seem nice to have (dhol player, lighting, etc).  Thanks ladies!

Re: Any reviews on DJ Magic Mike?

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    Magic Mike DJed our wedding over Memorial Day weekend and we HIGHLY recommend him.  He did my brother's wedding 3 years ago as well.  He kept the party going and was a great emcee.  I think that's actually his greatest strength.  Any DJ can play a playlist of songs but Mike and his crew read the crowd, adjusted the music to keep people on the dance floor, emceed the entire night to rev the crowd up, and played requests.  He also took care of our lighting as well as provided a dhol player.  He might be pricey but he definitely delivers and we felt it was well worth the cost.  My husband and I both agreed early on that a good DJ makes or breaks an Indian wedding so we wouldn't mind spending a bit more and Mike made ours great.
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    I had Magic Mike at my wedding last year. I was disappointed at a few (minor) things - I had asked him to announce something to the guests during the intros (and it was written on the program I gave him) and he forgot to do it and I had specifically requested a few songs which he never played - BUT - he kept the party going and he was absolutely right to tell us to go for the dhol player. I'm not much of a dancer, but I was on the dance floor all night and everyone had a blast. He was a good emcee too and did a good job pronouncing all of my family (and in-laws) long South Indian names ;) 
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    Thank you everyone for your reviews!  We are sort of on a tight budget yet my fiance and I really want Magic Mike (my fiance saw him at a wedding last year and loved the music).  Mike did recommend the dhol player, but I don't know if we can afford it.  Do you guys think having the dhol player is a must?  We could make it work I'm sure if you think it is really worth the cost.  Also, did any of you have any difficulty with Mike in terms of getting to the point of the contract?  I feel like when I talk to him he is somewhat vague about prices and I haven't seen the contract yet.  Is it possible to bargain prices with him at all or is it just what he says is how it goes?  Thanks ladies!
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    hey rsmehta ... hope all is well i emailed u ... did u get it?
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    I like Mike. He is a great DJ and his entire team is very professional. I am getting married next year and am doing the same decision making as you!

    I work with a lot of the DJ's on the east coast, and Mike is one of the best. Others in the same range would be Dj Raj and Dj Sharad. I get the chance to see these guys work every other weekend. I am an indian wedding photographer, and have seen tons of djs, and these are the few you really should look into.

    Mike has the most experience. Dhol player is great to have. From my experiences with them, the party just goes into another level whenthe dholi comes out and adds a new flavor to popular american music.

    There are other good DJs too, I have a few posted on my website. Please PM me if you need any help!
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    Unfortunately I do not have very good things to say. He arrived late to the wedding then instead of beginning to play the music he proceeded to start eating. Unbelievable! He refused to play much of the music requested prior to the event. He also messed up the announcements, completely going off what was planned. He did pick up towards the end of the evening, but we were totally disgusted by that point!
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    Magic Mike- awesome music and a huge hit- we had an AMAZING time at our wedding.  

    ...but he's a total diva to work with.

    He plays amazing music and keeps the party hopping.  There's no doubt about it.  He did a fantastic job DJing the wedding, and my husband and I loved every minute of the dancing.  We got the dhol player, who added a lot.  EVERYONE at the reception loved him.

    THE BAD:
    We flew him in from out of town, so he had to rent equipment.  He basically didn't do it until the last minute, quoted me a rental price $2000 higher than he originally had stated, and he didn't take care of it until we threw a fit.  He was supposed to take care of the mics for the ceremony, but instead just instructed some friends on how to run the mics instead of taking care of it himself. The reason we pay people for their services is so it is less of a hassle to us, and he added to my stress before the wedding.

    For the reception, I just got word from my videographer that he was very difficult and unprofessional to work with and wouldn't let the videographer tap into his sound system (to record speeches, etc), which means that the speech sound quality wasn't that good on our wedding video.  This is basically unheard of for a DJ to do.  Also, he didn't play a lot of the songs we had requested (but this wasn't a big deal to us because the songs he did play were great).

    Overall, I'm definitely really happy that we got him, because his music was awesome. All of our friends said that our wedding reception was one of the most fun receptions that they've been to.  But for paying this much money to someone, I expect them to get the job done without giving me a headache, and to be more professional.  Just wanted to give the rest of you out there full disclosure so you can make an informed decision.
  • We had a cross cultural Swedish-Indian wedding and Mike delivered way beyond our expectations! All our guests from all over the world loved the DJ show and how Mike got the dance floor pumping. Everything from planning to execution was great! The only slight thing I have to say is that I expected a little quicker replies to emails but I probably have higher than average demands due to my job.
  • I had DJ Mike at my wedding in Michigan in October, and he was nothing less than excellent.  He really kept the party going, there were people on the dance floor the entire time, and we even went well over our time at the venue - with the party extending till past 2 AM!  Everyone at my wedding, both Indians and Americans, commented that it was the best DJ they had ever seen.  I also felt that Mike truly wanted to make the event as good as possible.  He gave us suggestions on how to improve the program to keep the audience interested, and he did some lighting for us that really enhanced the decor.  He also happily stayed late, after the time our contract had indicated, in order to make sure that everyone had a good time.  I felt that he cared more about our event than the money - definitely a service based team.  I have seen him at other weddings and is just as excellent.  We will be using him again for my brother's wedding next year!

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