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Bridesmaid outfits for a Hindu wedding - ideas?

I'm a South Indian/Canadian girl marrying a French guy (long story). We're having 2 weddings (a Hindu one in Canada and a white one in France). All of my bridesmaids are white, except my sister (the MOH). Any suggestions for bridesmaid outfits??
I was considering having them all wear different coloured saris with the same pattern, but am concerned they will blend in too much with the guests. But, I can't figure out what colour to have them wear (if only one), when I'm wearing red... Additionally, they are willing to wear anything, but I'm wondering if they will end up being uncomfortable wearing saris.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Meena

Re: Bridesmaid outfits for a Hindu wedding - ideas?

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    I told all three of my bridesmaids (J, H, and A) that so long as it is wedding-appropriate (one tends to not leave enough to the imagination, if you catch my drift) and not red, I don't care what it is. They can wear a sari, a dress, a toga for all I care, so long as everything's covered and nobody else is in red.

    J will be in a sari, and I think she's settled on some shade of blue. She showed me a few "for approval" and I told her that any of them were fine. If I know my other two well enough, one will be in green and the other in something bright - pink, yellow, orange.

    If you're concerned anout how comfortable they'll be in a sari, maybe have them consider a salwar kameez, or a lehenga? I plan on mentioning those to A, becase she's not going to want to deal with her two preschoolers while wearing something drapey that she's unfamiliar with. H is usually up for anything.
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    I don't think sarees are that horribly difficult to wear.  You could have them get a prestitched saree that has the pleats already stitched.  They would put it on kind-of like a wrap skirt, and then pin it on the shoulder- voila.  I would just choose colors that you like/match your overall theme.
  • angelbondangelbond
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    We're doing two weddings also, and all of my bridesmaids (white, like me- haha) are SUPER excited to wear sarees!  I did the sarees in the colors we're using for the invitations and decorations so they seem like they're a part of things and stand out.  They're all the same pattern, just done in 3 colors (fuscia, orange, and lemon).   We're also doing the same bangles for all of them so hopefully they stand out out.  I'm sure you could do a similar thing with one or two colors. 
  • Meghana55Meghana55
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    They should do a trial run with the sari to see if they can manage it.  You could also get salwar kameez or chudidhar's for them to wear.  Much more manageable and comfortable.  Or even lenghas. 

    As for color, you could either have them all wearing one color or they could wear different  colors that would coordinate with your outfit or your decor (since you're wearing red, they could wear matching sarees in gold, yellow and orange).
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    there are lots of option for people who want to wear sari but have problems tying them.........we are USA based company and do bridal and occasion wear outfits for
    Indian/south Asian and a cross over market. we do concept sari which are prewrapped and easy to carry.

    You can check it out  at www.bridalmotif.com
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    Maybe have them wear an american outfit with a nice Indian dupata instead of a shawl? And then you can also have them incorporate the tikka jewelry, a bindi and bangles to complete their outfits.
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