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hairstylist team for family members

My MIL asked if i can arrange for someone to do hair & draping for the women in their family. There will be 10+ women.  Anyone have any vendor suggestions?  At first was thinking I can find non-Indian hair stylists but because draping is also involved that means will need someone Indian, though I dont know any Indian reasonable vendors for hair + draping for that many people.  They would prob need a team and then how do you judge how good they are at hair? 

Re: hairstylist team for family members

  • Have you reached out to your photographer or even the folks doing your mandap etc? What I found is that most of the vendors are very connected and will either know someone who can do what you're looking for or be able to suggest places where you can find someone. That might be a start?
  • We're about to finalize a decorator this weekend... will definitely ask them! thanks for the idea! 

    On a separate note, apparently all the pandits we've contacted are busy! never realized shopping for a pandit would be so difficult... we're looking for someone who can explain things well in english..  if you have any recommendations let me know! chances are we prob already contacted them but u never know! 
  • spirit4000spirit4000 member
    edited March 2012
    Have you tried:

    1. Vimesh Thakar
    2. Harender Dave

    Or you could go to a Hindi temple and ask them who they would recommend
  • tried both pandits, they are busy :(  thanks for the suggestions though! 

    still looking for a hairstylist & team for the family members... 

    why is decoration so freaking expensive?? i mean they own the stuff, so it's either going to sit in their warehouses or it will get rented out for some amount.. is the demand really that high where they can charge so much?!  
    ok sorry... just needed to rant that out... i just feel like my detail oriented side cares about execution but my logical side doesn't want a crazy budget.. and i feel like both sides lose in this process! ahhhhh

  • I am the same way. I want a beautiful room but am panicking about the cost.
  • For Pandit, try Himanshu Jani. He's been a great friend of the family and will be servicing my wedding in August.

    For a group of hairstyles/drapers - I'm looking too! Let me know if you know of anyone! I have non-Indian bridesmaids who will need help draping too.

    good luck!

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  • Contact Simer Grewal from Dream Weddings by Simer and she can help you find amazing vendors within your budget.  She is great, very detail oriented and a perfectionist. She can work with your budget but still provide you an exclusive and elegant wedding experience.

    Call :(216)502-5194
    E-mail:[email protected]

    Her fee is reasonable and will not make a hole in your pocket.

    Also check out her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/DreamWeddingsBySimer

  • hi all, i tried himanshu jani but he was booked :( 

    anyone find a drapers & hairstylists for the extended family/bridesmaids? still looking for a team to come that isn't outrageously expensive

    has anyone done separate decorator and florist? someone was telling me the indian decorators charge a ton more for flowers than going directly to a florist.. but i'm wondering if it will be too hectic to deal with two separate vendors? 
  • I used an indian decorator and a florist who was recommended by our venue.  It worked out great!  I took swatches of the mandap colors to the florist to help coordinating the flower colors.  
    Also, have you asked your hairstylist/make-up vendor to see if they have any suggesstions for draping and hairstylists for the family?
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