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Checking items off the list! What am I missing?

WOW - I just finished writing the escort cards and the menus are printing as I type... I actually feel... dare I say... like I am finally close to done??? 

Finalizing Day Of timeline Thurs after I talk to Photog and DJ...

Have reviewed Banquet Event Order and finalizing with Ceremony/Reception site next Thurs

Confirmed all spa appts

Waiting for items for welcome bags to arrive so we can put them together...

What am I forgetting?  Any thoughts ladies are greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Checking items off the list! What am I missing?

  • HinajHinaj member
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    OMG so exciting!!!   I think you pretty much have everything checked off.    Have you organized your stuff into one place?  Just to minimize running around and looking for so and so.  Also you can keep an emergency kit for you and your BM's that has like aspirin, mint, safety pins, tissues, etc.  Things that you rarely think about in such a big event but important nonetheless. 

    Do you have someone who is designated to bring certain stuff like guestbook, pen, talk to vendors if there is a problem?  I don't know if you have a DOC or not.  If you have gone through the knot checklist,  I think you have got majority of the things done.

    Yay and a week left to go and gives you time to relaxe a little before the wedding!!
  • Bhanu&AnujBhanu&Anuj member
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    OMG congrats girl!!!

    I definitely think as Hina said have a designated person holding important things...or have serveral people designated to certain tasks.

    Make sure you have your overnight bag packed!!!

    All the best!
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    WOW MK you are on top of things girl!! you go girl!!

    The things i can think of ..have envelope with tip set for the caterer and also any payments you have to do have them ready and have a designated person like Bhanu said!
    Go over your agenda for reception and make sure everyone in your bridal/groom party is aware of when they are walking in if they are part of the intros!!

    Gluck! :)

  • mkjasanimkjasani member
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    This is great - thanks Ladies!  We don't have a DOC per se, but the Hotel the wedding and reception are at have assigned me a coordinator I have been working with throughout - and she will be there that day - and she is AWESOME!

    I am making a list of contacts for all my vendors - other family who can make a decision if needed. 

    I do have all my stuff centralized - and on the Saturday my MOH and her hubby are helping me move all my stuff from my place to the hotel

    That is a really good idea about the emergency kit - I will do that this weekend

    I am also finalizing day of timeline and will give to bridal party - already gave htem high level. And we have the rehearsal / walk-through next Sat at 5pm

    I will also check out that checklist...

    Thank you all!!  These are all great and super helpful!  It seems so surreal that it is getting close.  One of my colleagues (none are invited since not really close with any) gave me a nice card and gift cert to restaurant today - I think that was when it started to hit!

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  • HinajHinaj member
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    For your emergency kit........

    They list a lot of items, not everything might pretain to you, but it covers a good majority of the basic stuff. 
  • kpwedkkkpwedkk member
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    Woohoo!!!  Around the final stretch of planning :)  Enjoy your moments of individual freedom, and look forward to moments when you are with the one you love :):)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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