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Hair and Makeup in NJ!


I'm looking for a hair and makeup artists for my wedding in Jersey.  Anybody have suggestions?  I've had some pretty bad experiences in the past, so really nervous about making the right decision.

Re: Hair and Makeup in NJ!

  • I don't know someone in that area but if you're nervous, why don't you book a trial? That will help you ease into things.

  • For example, I know my make up artist is fantastic, even though I have never used her. She has been used by many Indian brides in the area.

    She put a clause in my contract that states if I pay her a deposit before I ever get a trial (my wedding is more than a year away), I can get an extra trial for free if I am not happy OR get a full refund of my deposit.
  • I loved my MUA. Here's a link to her FB with pictures of previous brides:

    Makeup by Marissa

    I can't really recommend a hair stylist since I used my usual stylist for my wedding day as well. But I do know that Marissa works often with someone named Dawn who does hair.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks guys!  I will check out Makeup by Marissa and get a trial for sure.
  • I used Ayesha Khan from Singhar.  She did hair, makeup, and draping.  She was on time in the morning and kept me calm during the day.  
  • rajsimrajsim member
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    Hi You can contact Munira Mehta from Beautiful Brides LLC. Check out her facebook page:


    She does hair, makeup, draping everything. She's a perfectionist adn on time.

    You can tell her that Simer Grewal from "Dream Weddings by Simer" recommended her.

    You can also call me (Simer Grewal) @ (216)502-5194 for any of your wedding needs and I will work with your budget to create a memorable experience for you.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/cultural-wedding-boards_south-asian-weddings_hair-and-makeup-in-nj?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Cultural Wedding BoardsForum:430Discussion:d2caaf51-5a1d-4fdc-be8d-06641bbcc495Post:b8fe4c63-47b0-40f6-afe0-c9115176b832">Hair and Makeup in NJ!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hello, I'm looking for a hair and makeup artists for my wedding in Jersey.  Anybody have suggestions?  I've had some pretty bad experiences in the past, so really nervous about making the right decision.
    Posted by sonalis646[/QUOTE]

    Hello I am Baku and I am a professional Cosmetologist specialized in South Asian Brides. I do Hair Make up and Saree and Heena. You can send me an email at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow">[email protected]</a> with your details.
  • Hi girlies - how much are your hair and makeup packages costing you?
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  • Have you guys tried Arianna seth? she just did my makeup and I was in awe! completely changed the way I looked. she has a great personality and she is very sweet.
  • Don't use Arianna.  My friend went for a trial, and said her brushes were not clean, and she was completely rude to her mom. Her makeup is overly dramatic, anyway. 
  • Wow really? That doesn't sound right. About 6-7 of my friends have all gotten their engagement and wedding makeup done from her and no one ever had a problem. I have never even heard about this brush thing from anyone, my friend once mentioned that she is the only one who actually throws away a sponge after using it on someone. You sure your friend is giving you right info?
  • I just got my makeup and hair done by Aria and her team and it was the most pleasurable experience of my life. She was literally 30 mins early all 3 times, she came all the way to long island at 8 am and she was still early. The makeup looked so beautiful that I had no words, my husband commented that its the most beautiful I have EVER looked. She is a really talented and sweet girl and we have become such good friends. I wish people would just stop talking crap about good vendors. 
  • it's hardly crap when it's true. everyone has their own opinions. that's what we we are here to express. I have heard other bad things about her, and everyone has different experiences. 
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