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Confessions/Lurker Thursday

I confess I started crying over programs yesterday! Yes programs. FI felt really bad, but I couldn't help it. I stayed up until midnight or past it and then work up for work at 5. I feel like the next two weeks will be the same.

I confess it make me feel like crap that 10 of my friends RSVPed No. FI barely has any Nos and I have so many...

Re: Confessions/Lurker Thursday

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    i confess that the invite list and limos are driving me crazy!  he is not helping at all with the guest list- it's all on me.  i talk to his mother like 5 times a week.  all he keeps saying is, "don’t worry it will all get done."  yea, by ME! 

    and the stupid limo situation is getting crazy.  he wants to add a 5th limo.  i am putting my foot down- no more limos!  he is lucky i love him :)

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