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Mehndi Night Question

Hey Ladies

I'm having about 30-40 guests at my mehndi night. I asked my mom to research mehndi artists and I thought everything was taken care of, but there was som miscommunication between me & my mom. She didn't know that I wanted two artists there to do me and my friends simultaneously.  

My mom liked this one lady who would come by herself & she said that she'd start me at 4:00pm, and then I should have my friends come over around 6:30 & she could start them then. I'm just not sure if that's a good idea though. I like the idea of having 2 artists there so I can enjoy the moment w/my friends. I wanted one artist to focus on me & the other to focus on my friends. I have no problem with them starting me an hour before guests arrive, but I don't want to be fully done before my friends get there. It's just not how I envisioned the mehndi night.

I was just wondering how you guys had/are having yours. How many people will you have? How many mehndi artists will you have there?

Thanks & any feedback is much appreciated!

Re: Mehndi Night Question

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    We had two mehendi artists (one was my aunt), and I started earlier than when guests came in, because of the details of the design.  The professional one did mine, and my aunt worked on everyone else's.

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    I will have two mehndhi artists there - one to work on me, since it will take a lot longer and the other to do the designs for my family/friends. I think that it might be easier if you had two people so that the one artist doesn't feel rushed and that you don't feel like you were rushed either and get exactly what you want.

    My "mehndi night" (which I term loosely bc I want it to be very informal) will be at my parents house with me and about 10 -15 others to give you a comparison, if that helps, too.

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    Like Bells said...it depends on the type of work you are getting done....
    My mendhi night had the one artist taking care of me and about 40 women (+ a few young girls).

    I got arabic style mendhi....which isnt too heavy.  It extended to about my elbows and knees.

    We started at about 8:30pm and she would do a good amount of the mendhi on me...and then take a break and do a guest and go back and forth....she finished me and everyone else by 12:30 am one thing to remember is the guests WILL not have mendhi work that is as intricate as yours...so if your mendhi lady takes breaks on you its just so she can relax a bit :)

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    I had one lady and he daughter (she worked on the younger girls). The henna srtist started with me and my friends had lunch and chatted while I was getting decorated. Afterward, she worked on the other girls and did very simple designs. We had about 30 people come in for henna.
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