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AW: Friday

We got a lot done this week!

Cardbox, Picture frames, paying vendors off, organizing travel documents, and things I know I'm forgetting. I just have to find the wedding bands! Surprised I put them in a "secure" place since I've been moving into FI's place slowly. I haven't found them yet and I just told him. He didn't seem to upset and I think I know where it is. I'm going there tonight to find it.

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    I hope you find them! Put them in the bank :)
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    Or a locked box. Ours are in a locked makeup case in our closet with all the other wedding jewelry.

    I've been waiting all week to show off Kidlette's Rosie outfit:

    Rosie, because that's what her daddy calls her (her middle name is Rose). Made with Red Heart Crochet Thread in Size 3 and Size 10; took exactly 5 months to finish. Total of 99 roses and about 100 working hours (about 50 min per rose and the rest of that time was the bodice/bonnet/slippers).
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    @DFW - I am sure you will find the rings. They are usually in the last place you look ;)

    @Beloved - That is a beautiful outfit on a beautiful little girl! You should be so proud!
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    When I find it, it goes to FI! He's getting them soldered together on Monday and it'll be on my hand God-willing permanent in 8 days!

    Sarah, Very cute outfit!!

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    Beloved :) I love the outfit - it is too cute :)

    DFW I'm sure you'll find the rings as well :)

    I'm back everyone from India ... I had so much fun I want to go back :)  Now I have to get the clothes out of the suitcase and into either the A) washer, or B) pile for the dry cleaners ...

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    KP -- Welcome back!  I'm so glad you had a great time.  India is an awesome experience, but it can be overwhelming for some people.  A lot of my friends are apprehensive about visiting there, but I think the good parts are so worth the little inconveniences.

    You all reminded me... I should really put my wedding jewellery in the bank... I thought it was stolen in Jaipur (we came from Bengal for our main event, and I had packed the jewellery at home).  I emptied ALL of our luggage and it wasn't there!  It was the day of the mehndi, and I was by myself panicking for hours because I couldn't reach DH to ask him.  Luckily he dropped into the mehndi (which was a pretty weird event all around).  He found out that SIL had taken the jewellery out of my luggage at home because I "would probably lose it"!

    My AW:  I finally booked most of our "honeymoon" trip to Peru in October.  It can be our first anniversary trip now lol!
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