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shopping in Gujarat!

i'm going to amhdabad and then surat (and maybe boroda too) to do my wedding shopping. Any recommendations for stores i should hit up in any of those cities? Any tips/advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Re: shopping in Gujarat!

  • My fiance's family is from Surat and my Mother in Law has done such amazing shopping for me there. Let me email my sister in law (who is currently in Anand near Ahmedabad) for some suggestions! I would check out Paris and Asopalav for sure.
  • Thanks SonaliPop! Any other suggestions you have would be great!
  • I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet - I didn't forget. I've been trying to reach my sister in law but I think she went on vacation to Mount Abu for the week! When do you go?
  • I leave next week-- April 3rd! and coming back on the 18th. I'm worried that this won't be enough time to get everything done, but that's all I could take off.
  • My sister in law did all her shopping in a week. She went with a plan and executed it. How many outfits do you need? Try to make sure that you keep the colors different. We had a family friend who went to India and bought so much purple. When she packed to go back home, she almost had a meltdown because EVERYTHING she bought was in some sort of purple or related color. I would write down all of the ceremonies, how grand they are so you know how heavy to buy, and how many sets of jewelry and bangles you need. For me, personally, I have tried to think things out ahead of time so I know that when I go to India (whenever that is) I have to find a coral reception outfit (that's what we're going with for now), a wedding outfit, and some invitations.
  • that's a good idea! I also love purple, and definitely would not want to come back with just that color.

    Coral sounds really pretty too! it's giving me ideas =)

    still can't believe your SIL did all her shopping in one week! gives me hope
  • You can do it. So long as you are firm with store owners and go with people who are organized, helpful, and clear headed, you can accomplish what you need to do in your time frame.

    I would tackle invitations if you have to do them first. Make sure you get the ball rolling and check in frequently. Sometimes, the people making them need a bit of a reminder and a push to be prompt.

    Look at what you have and think about what you want. I am going to go write out what colors I have and think about what I am missing. That way, when my Mother in Law buys my outfits, she buys what I need. I already have a ton of saris from my Mom who purchased my trousseau (all classic pieces) so my MIL can fill in with jewelry, some punjabi suits, a chaniya choli or two, and some lehngas of different types.

    Think about what you can wear again and what you enjoy. Do you want to match with your Mom and fiance at any events? I know for my mehndi or special events, I want my family and I to be in a color scheme that doesn't clash.

    If you need any help, let me know. And remember, India makes everything possible - if you love a photograph of a sari now, take it with you. So many people can replicate it.
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