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Ginnis Boutique in NY

Hello Everyone,
Has anyone ever used Ginnis Boutique?
I am having an outfit made there, but I am getting worried.
She takes a very long time to send sketches she promises and takes days to respond to emails.
Her emails are very short, concise, and do no apologize for the wait.
It almost seems like I am bothering her by asking where everything is or why I haven't heard updates.
Has anyone else had this experience? Did you end up getting what you asked for anyway and were you happy with the end product? Its very important to me that the dress comes out well, and right now, that is all that matters to me. I guess I am looking for some reassurance here..


Re: Ginnis Boutique in NY

  • I'm getting my reception lengha made from Ginnis Boutique! I had a really hard time trying to find a lengha that I liked in the U.S. so I decided to get my lengha custom made by Ginni when I saw the outfits in her store. Some of the bridal lenghas she has made were so unique and beautiful. Because her style was different and exactly what I was looking for, I decided to get my dress made by her. So far I've had a pretty good experience with her. I met her in October and we designed a sketch and picked the colors together that same day. She ordered the swatches then too. I went back into her store a few weeks later because I wanted to make some minor changes, which she incorporated. She told me that because of the holidays in India, my swatches will be a little delayed, which was fine with me because we still had some time. My swatches ended up getting delivered to me in December. I wanted to make a change to one of the colors so I went into the store later that week, and we picked a color from one of the dresses she had already made. I approved the swatch then and now my lengha is currently being made. She said it takes about a month for the lengha to get made after you approve the swatches so I'm expecting that the lengha will be finished within the next week or two. I'm still trying to lose a bunch of weight for the wedding so as long as my lengha is here by the end of February (when I want to get fitted), then I'll be happy. I usually communicate with her via phone and she always either picks up the phone or gets back to me promptly if she's not there. I've never emailed with her so perhaps calling her to check in from time to time is the way to go. When is your wedding?
  • I try to call, when i do, the conversation is very short and she just wants to get off the phone with me. I promise I am not being rude, I am actually being extra nice because I would like to have a conversation with her. I am really worried because I did not get the sketch and swatch in time..so now I am worried about the dress. I do not question her work at all, all the dresses in the boutique were beautiful. But I am worried that it won't get done timely like she promised or that there will be miscommunication since she does not communicate at all!
  • This place rocks.... I did a very big mistake that i went to India to get my bridal dress .... I could have come straight to GINNIS BOUTIQUE.... When i got my pieces from India i dint like them at all .... And then i did my online research and found this place ... People here were very nice to me and helped me alot in designing my dream bridal dress.... Even though they take upto 3 months to make the piece , but because i was on a limited time frame they still made me dress... They have a variety of embroideries to choose from and excellent ideas to sketch bridal dresses ..... I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR EVERY BRIDE !!!!
  • Hi .... I wanted to know that do they make only bridal pieces or anything????
  • Hey... They have a wide variety of selection to choose from and they do outfits for all occasions and are really superb on what they recommend... You should check their facebook page also ... Because they put some of their dresses under photos ... Hope this helps... I would also recommend you set up an appointment and check out their collection ... It is worth it ...
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