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2 Ceremonies - Need Help with Invitations

Hello everyone! I am needing some desperate help with invitations.

My fiance and I are having 2 ceremonies and 2 receptions (1 is a dinner and the other is the large full reception). We are having a Christian ceremony on a Friday followed by a dinner for all guests. Then we are having a Hindu ceremony (3 hour ceremony) followed by the actual reception for all guests. We are having these in the same town (not where we or any family live - so all out of town guests) but in different locations within the town.

I am having difficulties finding invitations that will accomodate 2 ceremonies. I don't really have time to DIY for 150 invitations. Our weddings are May 28th and 29th of this year.

I have found invites on Vistaprint that allow you to arrange and add text boxes, that way I could have both ceremonies on the main invite. I was thinking of just getting extra enclosure cards to cover hotels, map and directions, both reception information, and an RSVP.

Re: 2 Ceremonies - Need Help with Invitations

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    We did the exact same thing last year (the same weekend as your wedding, btw!).

    I obsessed over the wording but of course I can't remember it now.  It was something to the effect of, "Together with their families/Bride Full Name and Groom Full Name/request the honour of your presence at the celebrations of their marriage." The next line said, "Date, Church Name at 2 o'clock in the afternoon." The next line said "Date, Temple Name at 11 o'clock in the morning."

    The reception insert, which I labeled "Celebrate," said something like: "Cocktails, dinner and dancing follow the Catholic ceremony at XYZ Reception Venue, XYZ address, at XYZ Time."  I had a little squiggly line and then below that, I had "A traditional Indian luncheon immediately follows the Hindu ceremony at the XYZ Temple, xyz address."

    On another insert, which I labeled "Details," I wrote information about accomodations and our hotel block.  Then, there was another squiggly and the all-encompassing, "For details and directions, please visit our Web site at"

    VistaPrint is a good option but I think their paper is on the flimsy side.  Definitely check out for some custom suggestions.  I DIY'd our invites and it really wasn't that bad.
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    DO, I got your PM but the stupid Knot won't let me write back to it.  Email me directly at dublintomadras at gmail dot com and I'll write back to you from there :)
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