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Ok, so I really wanted to go with Rev Ray, but things got super busy this month and I didn't contact to schedule an appointment until a couple days ago. (He was free for our date when we saw him at the Voila wedding show) Lo and behold when I email him, he is booked on our date!

So...back to square one. I looked on the Seattle Bio already, and have emailed a few officiants from there, but the website is really out of date, so I'm wondering if anyone else has recommendations?

P.S. I know Jenny just posted about this...but she didn't list "the usual suspects" and I have no idea who they are.
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Re: Recommend your officiants

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    Annemarie Juhlian is awesome!  She'll book up fast, too.

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    Here's my reply (the last entry as of now) from Jenny's post below (I don't think he's one of the 'usual suspects'.  I found him on the myseattlewedding website):

    Sorry you aren't having any luck!  Have you tried Roger Smith at http://www.pugetsoundrs.com/index.htm (not sure if it will be clicky or not, sorry!)

     We used him and he was great!  I was a little scared to call him at first, afraid he would be super religious and judgy, but he wasn't at all!  Phew!  He has a full time job during the week and said he was going to cut back on his schedule, so not sure if he will be available, but it can't hurt to call.  I usually had to leave him a message or send an email but he was always prompt with his reply.  Prices were super reasonable and he offered a ton of ceremony choices for us to choose from.  We actually mixed two or three of the ones he gave us to make it more personal and fit us.  We actually had to reschedule our initial appt. with him a couple times due to H's step-dad being ill (he passed away one month before our wedding) and he was the only one we spoke with that seemed to genuinely understand and not be upset by our schedule and was concerned for our well-being.

    Wow!  Sorry so long!  Don't stress, you will find the perfect officiant!

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    Len Smolen www.weddingyourway.netand the officiants/couple from Heavenly Ceremony www.aheavenlyceremony.com are also commonly used on here as I recall.
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    We have A Heavenly Ceremony. They are great! A little pricey, but they completely coordinate your rehearsal and the wife part of the team writes your whole ceremony. She's amazing. And her husband, who is officiating us, is wearing a kilt for us! I love these two! AND they're religious or non denominational, I think that's the right word, depending on what you want.
    Too bad about Rev Ray!

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    My name is Todd Atchison and I am a local wedding officiant. I believe that a ceremony is supposed to be fun, just like marriage, and I strive to make every ceremony I perform full of laughter.

    I have been performing ceremonies for several years and love getting to meet new people and watch them start an amazing journey together on their wedding day.

    For more information on my services, please feel free to check out my website at: www.toddatchison.com

    Congrats, and I hope you find the perfect officiant you are looking for!

    Todd Atchison
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    I have a meeting with Rev Ray this weekend.  I noticed on another site that he tends to be late.....or double books.  Has anyone else noticed?  We are also meeting with Eric Warner- EWarn6234@aol.com
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    mm3:  I read one negative review about leaving early b/c of double booking.  Every other review was glowing.  I asked him when we met w/ him about this and he said he does book more than one a day, but leaves plenty of time.  Maybe that was just a bad day?
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