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Wedding exit

Our church is crazy and they don't allow us to throw anything or do sparklers. What have you guys seen in exits that are pretty? Anything different? What makes the best pics?

Re: Wedding exit

  • temurlangtemurlang member
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    My church was the same.  We could have had bubbles or a butterfly release.  We didn't do either.  It was November, so it was cold and pretty dark when we came out of the church.  The photographer said bubbles wouldn't show up, and anyway it didn't seem to match the winter atmosphere.  I don't believe in butterfly releases, although it would look really beautiful.
  • msainimsaini member
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    I'm running into the same issue--getting married in a vineyard in Napa. What about personalized petals with your name on it? The ushers could pass them out in sachets before the guests enter the church.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Yea I don't believe in the butterfly thing either.
    msaini - We can't throw anything... Rice, flowers, anything. Our church is annoying.
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    What about ribbon wands? You can pass them out to your guests and they can wave them as you exit the church. I tried googling for some pictures and found this great DIY:


    Or you can always buy them too if you didn't want to add another project. But here's how it might look:

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    ^^^^ribbon wands are the best idea for your situation.

    They are inexpensive, will not require any clean up, nobody will get a ticket for littering, no fine for clean up etc.

    Get the colors to match your bridal party, and advise them to keep the wands HIGH.

    Getting photos from a lower angle is great for this situation, you have a very happy (and emotional) couple leaving the church (FINALLY!) and above them you will have a beautiful sky between the flowing ribbons. This is will become your album cover photo!
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