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What Do I need to take for India-packing help!

Hi Girls,

I leave for india in 2 weeks and I have never been there. Any tips or hints on what I need to take while I'm over there?

Im excited for my first trip over!

Re: What Do I need to take for India-packing help!

  • Good idea posting this. I leave in two weeks as well. Where r u going to be?
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  • Which places are you visiting?

    Some things I take when I travel:

    Medicine:  I like to take things I know agree with me, like Advil or claritin.  I also take Cipro, Pepto Bismal, and Benadryl just in case.  You can get all these there, but why waste time or experiment when you're feeling unwell?

    Flashlight -- my ILs live in a small town and the electricity can go off.

    If you're going to a humid part of India, insect repellent is handy.

    A light weight scarf in case of pollution or if you want to cover up.

    Sensible shoes.

    Anything you feel very particular about, like shampoo or deodorant.  You can buy the product, but not necessarily the same brand, and anyway why spend time on that while traveling?

    A plug adapter so you can charge you phone and camera.

    Flip flops -- I'm not used to being barefoot, so I like to wear something in the house.  Also, the bathrooms there get really wet, so it's nicer not to be barefoot.

    Powerbars or something, in case you have an upset stomach, or get stranded at a train station where you aren't sure about eating the food.

    Plenty of room in your luggage for all the stuff you'll want to bring back!
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