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can't watch DVDs from wedding in India

My daughter had a beautiful wedding in Mumbai. When we received the DVDs of the events they were in a format that we couldn't play on our DVD player. Does anyone
know how or where they can be made to play on our DVD player?

Re: can't watch DVDs from wedding in India

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    you have to get them converted.  if you google dvd conversion, you can find tons of companies near you.  or if you know any one who is into computers, they might be able to do it for you using their own computer.
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    You also might be able to view it on your computer, since the dvd drive for a laptop, or a desktop is more in a universal drive.  Also, if you are able to put the dvds in your computer, and files are visible in windows explorer, there's a good bet, if you were able to get the right software, you can burn new dvds with ntsc format (usa) instead of pal (india).

    Hope that helps!

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