HELP! Bride on Crutches?

So, I've broken six bones in my foot three weeks before my wedding. It's five weeks until the Dr. says I can put pressure on my left foot!

Mom is suggesting that I crutch up and the groom and I sit on stools during the ceremony and we are contemplating trying to move the wedding back two weeks?

Does anyone have any ideas?

If it was you, would you spare no expense and try to postpone the wedding 2-3 weeks or would you simply hope you don't pin your crutches on your dress and fall in the isle?
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Re: HELP! Bride on Crutches?

  • jennuinnejennuinne member
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    What if someone carries you?  A scooter?  I don't know, but I wouldn't postpone it, way too expensive and too much stress.  If nothing else, it'll be funny later.
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    I would not postpone, I would make crutch it up to the start of the aisle and then just do it any way! You can put something near the alter that you can hold on to, or ask your MOH or FI to keep arms linked with you the whole time so you can lean on them. Did you actually ask your DR? because usually they are pretty good at helping you come up with a solution.
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    I'd continue as planned and try to bling up the crutches or put some wedding colored ribbon around em. 
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    Apparently I'm not up on my acronyms. DR means what? Smile

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    So, here is the bulk of the conundrum:

    Yes, I can get up and back down the isle but I can't stnad longer than about 2 min w/o crutches because it hurts to stand too long on one leg hence the white stools.

    Other issues: Crutches on grass? The wedding is outdoors.

    Pictures? I can't stand for any of my photos. Ouch.

    No dancing? I can't stand for 2 min w/o having to sit down, so no father-daughter dance and no first-dance...

    Any other thoughts?

    Yes, hobbling everywhere sounds easy, but I've found this last week, it's not.

    Have crutches is holding up your body with your arms, and it burns after a few minutes of crutch usage. I am not a fit girl... :o(
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  • amandaswamandasw member
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    DR = Dr. = Doctor :)

    I'm really sorry to hear about that. I know I would very upset about having to not do or change so many things.  I had foot surgery a while ago and was on crutches for over a month, it's definitely not easy!  The more you use them, the easier it will get so I'd try to use them as much as possible (if you look at pics of me, I'm definitely not the picture of buff, so I understand!).

    Could you find a stool that is the height of your knee?  So that you could both be "standing" but you would have that one knee resting on a stool.  If you did that, maybe try to make the ceremony as short as possible without feeling rushed.  Or you guys could sit for most of it and then "stand" for the vows so you can get some pictures.

    And definitely get creative with the rest of your wedding photos!  At least, like someone said, it will be a good story later :)
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    Of course I talked to my Dr...I'm actually pretty insulted that you'd think I'd self-diagnose something like that. I've had x-rays, a CT scan, and two doctor visits.

    I talked to him about the five weeks I have to miss of work what what I am capable of doing. We even talked about what I can for the wedding day=crutches. or scooter.

    He said that I am under no circumstances to put weight on my foot, at all, for the next five weeks. Period. No exceptions.

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  • koosh ballkoosh ball member
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    I wouldn't postpone... I would just find another way to rock it. Maybe a wedding scooter to take you down the aisle?

    Just an edit: We didn't dance so if that is a big deal for you then yeah, might be best to wait 3-4 weeks to get back to normal. I wouldn't plan on just two weeks but instead a few weeks of getting use to walking also.
  • apnk2005apnk2005 member
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_washington-seattle_bride-crutches?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:104Discussion:4e034090-a1d6-4876-8dcc-6fd9b566e7f4Post:cc1c826f-40f6-4b6f-95b4-fb7fa15c7f05">Re: HELP! Bride on Crutches?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Of course I talked to my Dr...I'm actually pretty insulted that you'd think I'd self-diagnose something like that. I've had x-rays, a CT scan, and two doctor visits. I talked to him about the five weeks I have to miss of work what what I am capable of doing. We even talked about what I can for the wedding day=crutches. or scooter. He said that I am under no circumstances to put weight on my foot, at all, for the next five weeks. Period. No exceptions.
    Posted by semicolon[/QUOTE]

    I think the PP meant, did you talk to your dr. about a solution for walking down the aisle, standing vs. sitting for vows, pictures, dancing, etc.  I'm pretty sure nobody thinks you would self diagnose six broken bones in your foot.
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    You know, I read it that way, too. It was the first thing I asked my Dr. about. I can't imagine that it's something you wouldn't ask the Dr. about...

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    If it were me I would stick with the current date. I think crutches and stools sounds fine. For the wedding itself crutches on grass up and down the aisle sounds like it'll be alright. I guess a lot depends on how important dancing is to you. There are other celebratory things that could happen at the reception -- maybe reciting poetry? Obvs having a broken foot stinks but I think you can still make something fun and memorable out of the situation.

    I suspect at this point you've thought about how you feel about not having some of the OOT guests there the day of your wedding?

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    Well, I'm not sure who OOT guests are, but I do feel a lot better hearing this kind of stuff from other soon-to-be-married's.

    My origional nightmare involved me catching a crutch on the side of my dress and falling face-first in the grass, staining my dress and runining my own wedding.
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    Oh. Out of town. Nm.
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  • alyssa324alyssa324 member
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     I have been there, well not at my personal wedding but as a bridesmaid.

    Walking down the aisle I walked on my foot just barely. Oh so very very painful but I had to do it for my friend. One groomsmen was holding me just under the arms on each side. You could have your mom and dad walk you down the aisle for support. Dress staining solved

    For the ceremony it is a long time to stand on crutches so if you go that route I would talk with your officiant and make it shorter, cut of sand ceremony etc. And if you make it shorter you could put your knee on a stool it can probably go under your dress. But I do think chairs would look fine for both you and FI.

    first dance pictures cake cutting etc. I would recommend the stool this is what I did at the wedding. On a few picture i leaned on the girls for support so we could get full body pics. She warned her photographer and he came with a lot of creative ideas for me. At dancing i used two crutches which the girls decorated  and fi just held me maybe we swayed a little. We probably danced 5 songs out of the night.  It was the most painful part but i was so full of love FI asked me to marry him one weekend prior I had to dance.

    My advice is to stay off of it as much as possible until the wedding. No weight no matter what. I don't know about you but I broke my feet 7 times 4 on one side and 3 on the other ended up having surgery and every time i ended up putting weight on it before i was supposed to. Also like pp said when you are up use the crutches. The more you use them the easier it gets.

    Good luck!!!

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    So you know those broken leg little cart things? would it be possible to hide one of those with your dress? the ones where you stand with one let and just sorta kneal on the one that is broken?? If it were me, I def wouldn't postpone. I would just stick it out. It is unfortunate but I think youc an make it work. In pictures, just make sure you always have your arm linked with FI's or another bridesmaid. I'd also just try to get really good with my balance so that you could just be one footed in a lot of the pictures. I think that as long as you have something to sorta put your leg on, you could totally stand. :) otherwise a stole seems perfect.

    don't let this stress you out, you'll find a solution! sending vibes your foot heels quickly and you can put a few lbs of pressure on it to take all the pictures and everything at your wedding. :) GL!
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    First, please stop snapping about the Dr. comment. It didn't require that kind of response. It was an innocent question!

    Second, PP (previous posters) are correct. I would NOT postpone the wedding. Things always go wrong at weddings, and so this is yours. I think a wedding scooter would be adorable :D A cute white vespa or one in your wedding colors. Alternately, having your Mom help on your strong side and your Dad support your weaker side (assuming he's the physically stronger parent). Totally just get yourself some cute and comfortable chairs to sit in for the bulk of the ceremony. Lots of people do that due to health reasons. Or a wedding we went to last summer, they had the full on Catholic so the bride and groom sat in chairs to one side for all the readings and music and sermon.  I would just stand for the vows/ring. PP suggestion about a stool that you could kneel the bad leg on would work really well.

    As for dancing, not much suggestion there. We only had our dance (which we didnt' practice and FI was crazy nervous/embarassed the whole time and I just giggled) and then the combined parents dance. Then the whole shebang was over. No other dancing really. (It was an afternoon wedding, no DOC so we got behind on the reception timeline.)
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    Thanks for the suggestions, girls.

    And forgive my nerves, it's just hard to sit out during your own party...literally...
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  • melissa82melissa82 member
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    Were you able to ask your doctor if there's anything that will help you heal faster? Calcium, vitamins, etc.? Even if it's only marginally, every little bit helps, right?

    I broke some bones in my foot a long time ago, but I remember that I was definitely walking before they said I'd be able to, so don't lose hope. It probably took me longer to heal completely, but I don't have any ill effects from it or anything. I'd try to completely stay off it between now and then and do anything I could to help promote healing. Stay positive--I think you'll be able to be moderately on your foot that day. Definitely sit or use the stool idea during the ceremony.
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Honestly, it sounds like you'd rather postpone.  If that's what you want, then just do it.
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