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Victorian without the gothic

I just started planning my wedding and we decided that since my dress is victorian inspired, the venue has an antique feeling and we love history we would like to go with a subtle victorian theme but I'm not really sure how to do it without it feeling gothic...
Any ideas to do?

Re: Victorian without the gothic

  • The Victorian and Edwardian periods always make me think: leisurely refined classiness

    I think if you stick with the light and bright colors of the time you should be able to keep it from going gothic; blues, pinks/reds, creams.whites, yellows/golds, greens, etc

    Fashion: Cameo, white gloves, handkerchiefs, corsets and petticoats

    Table ideas: Cream or blue linens with lace overlay if possible; various glass vases in different sizes and colors; flowers: roses, babies breath, daffodils, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, etc

    If you feel like getting more creative you could try to find small things that fit the time period and use them for table decorations; hand mirrors, books, etc

    Music at the time would have been orchestral but that doesn't mean it has to be stuffy; there are bands like Vitamin String Quartet that play a huge variety of popular songs from the 70's-today but perform them on string instruments. This is great if you're looking for a compromise between the refinement that violins/cellos offer but you're worried no one will enjoy listening to hours of classical music. 

    I don't know what your venue is like but things like balls and tea parties were popular during the time; you could have a leisurely afternoon tea party reception with finger sandwiches, punches, and various pastries or a more stately dinner with dancing.

    Good luck with your wedding plans!
  • Thanks for all the ideas!
    My venue is a beautiful tent in the gardens of an old house so I think it goes well with the theme.
    I've really like the idea of the cameos as the decor and the lace linens, I'm gonna check my venue about it.
    I just looked the Vitamin String Quartet and it sounds reallly good! It's a really good compromise between old and new.
  • I wish I had pictures, but I recently performed at a gorgeous wedding that was Victorian/Steampunk. It was amazing. I don't know how they did it, but everyone was dressed up - mini top hats on the girls, real top hats on the guys, lots of pocketwatches, feathers, garters. They got married under an arch decorated with paper and real roses and then had the reception in the house with off-white lace tablecloths and dark roses. Seriously amazing.
  • steampunk has hit mainstream and is easily avaible. and steampunk is based on victorian.

    things that look of the period good for weddings;
    white/creme metal birdcages. - craft stores sizes varies and price $10-$80 can be stuffed with flowers or other items for center peices.

    umbrellas lace or other wise. full with decorative handles.

    large metal candlabrahs. you can even use lights if you have an electrian handyman.

    large mantle clocks are a nice touch too. if you want to go towards steampunk.

    and a history note! just because the pictures from that time period are in yellow/brown/black hues doesn't mean that's the colors they had! they were known for many bright busy patterns!
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