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Please imput, Please help!

 So we set the date (one I was SO excited about, though it was HIS idea) for Halloween 2012...a Wednesday. Also it's a destination wedding (across the state, in the Rockies) and we need to concern ourselves with our safety and that of our guests. We have been so excited with the outdoor wedding and indoor reception and Trick or Treating in between. Colorado weather is unpredictable this time of year. Plus....We were heading to New England for our Honeymoon to enjoy the fall colors (which actually peak out twoweeks before Halloween). Halloween costume wedding is my DREAM! The fun, relaxed, nontraditional aspects combined with my little ones so in love with the idea of Trick or Treating as part of it. Also being on a Wednesday makes it seem to me a lot of people won't show up....What should we do? Do I give up my dream wedding for all the reasons above? Does anyone have an alterative idea or two?
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