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H's birthday presents

I'm so proud of the presents I got for the H for his birthday! We have absolutely no extra cash right now so I didn't think I could get him anything. Then I found a cute idea online so I made a version that was more us: 

I think it's adorable, it's our names and names of other famous couples, I picked super heroes, video game characters, our two fave Disney movies, and a funny one (Vince and Howard from the Mighty Boosh). I printed it at home on cardstock (on super super high quality print settings, this thing took like 20 minutes to print lol) and spent less than $6 on the pretty frame. I can't wait to put this in our living room!

Then while looking for frames I ran across this gem. 

Das boot! He is going to die when he sees this! We bought him a super tiny one on our 6th month anniversary, and it's one of his most prized possesions (I think that one was about $40). I found this insanely heavy, behemoth, glass, 2 liter at the thrift store for $3!!! I looked it up online, from this beer company the modern ones in this size are $100, so I'm having my grandpa do research to see if this older version is worth even more! I'm kind of bummed that it's worth money, I totally wanted him to be able to use it! Oh well, we'll display it proudly! 

My favorite part is this on the back:

Translated this means "a leg which is drunk with good friends" 

I spent less than $10 on his presents! I'm so happy! I can't wait to see his face!

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