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I'm back and turns out I have a theme...and there's drama.

So - not that I contributed much to the forum since I'm more of a reader here, but I have to share my excitement!
The dress I originally wanted arrived last week and was returned yesterday - absolute disaster... Too small in the chest (I don't have much boobs action, so that made it even more awkward), and then the zipper broke without even pulling it. I'm having an appointment next Weds at Candy Anthony, dressmaker specialising in 50's and 60's dresses. It will be 3 times the price of the failed one, but hey, whatever.
I went full swing into a theme for myself and will be channeling Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face - at the mo I'm searching for short gloves (will have to ship from America - UK turns out to have nothing appropriate), cigarette holders and cases and debating over headgear - blusher veil? Ribbon headband with a piece on side?

Also, as a small OT - whatever you use for contraception, DO NOT take Micronor. I had 2 weeks of absolute batsh*t insanity and I've been bleeding for the past 2.5 weeks. Went off the pill 3 days ago after just 2 months. Absolute nightmare.

So, how's everyone else doing?
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Re: I'm back and turns out I have a theme...and there's drama.

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    I am so sorry that you're going through that with the Micronor! Everyone's bodies are so different that unfortunately its nearly impossible to know exactly how one is going to react to any of it... I know that there are VERY few that I can take without really bad reactions...

    I'm glad that you're getting the theme sorted out! Its sounds like a great one! I can't wait to hear more as your planning continues to progress! Keep us updated on the dress too!!!!
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    Love the theme! It's funny, because often when I search for something specific, it's in the UK and I can't find it here. I guess that's what we get for knowing exactly what we want!

    I had some bad reactions to a few BC pills too. Sorry, that blows. My main beef was a lot of weight gain-I've lost 10 lbs. in the year that I've been off the pill - H got the snip, snip - no more pills, hurray!
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    BMcLeodTeam- I've done some research and turns out Micronor is the most evil pill ever. I'd post a link to reviews, but don't know if I'm allowed to... I was on combo pill for 10 years but out of nowhere, my blood pressure started shooting through the roof and I had to stop taking it. I was on Micronor for only 2 months and I wish I had done some research before I started taking it... Nightmare... I had my tests yesterday and if everything's ok, I'm getting the coil "installed" on Monday. Also, I'm going to have to get a special pill from my doctor to make the bleeding stop if it's still happening at the end of next week. Yay...

    balletdawn - haha, that's quite ironic... Luckily, FI has a friend in Cali so shouldn't be a problem to post stuff to me from sellers that don't ship to Europe.

    Schatzi13 - I'm all over 50s anyway - HUGE retro fan (I'm an absolute addict to old housewife/household books. At the mo I'm reading one from 1956 and apart from the absurd of "don't present your husband with a face he's not accustomed to", it turns out to have some surprisingly good and accurate advice). I've found the perfect Audrey-style veil with a bow, but... it's £110 and of course, it's in America! I dunno what my hair is going to look like and if it grows enough to have a high updo, so all will depend on that.

    I've also changed the invites idea - the ones we've chosen before had a heart made of sea shells and names inside, now I'm seriously leaning towards these:

    They want a bit much for changing the colours (I wanted navy or pink border), so I asked two of my friends for quotes - they are both printers.

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    Yeah, I'mk thinking about it - like I said, depends how much my hair grows.

    Huge drama weekend - turned out my MoH, whom I considered a close friend of course, told my FIs friends' wives that I'm not inviting one of them to the bachelorette party because I hate her. We found out yesterday through FIs brother (MoH is FIs twin sister). Can you believe that? It's like being back in high school. The woman is 36 and goes behind my back, and now there's a huge kick off. I spent all of yesterday crying. This is nearly impossible to resolve and set straight, but I'm meeting the group's 'godmother' at some point this week to talk to her. MoH (or rather ex-MoH because I cannot see her in that role anymore) was the one that said the girl left out is hard work and she doesn't like her. I didn't know her well so I agreed, but a week after that I actually got to talk to this woman and found out she's really nice - and told MoH to invite her. She obviously didn't, but also didn't mind to blame it on me and spread the gossip.

    Can you believe that...?
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    Yuck, I hate crap like that. It is just like high school. She doesn't sound like an incredibly good friend.
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    I am a total retro fan too! In fact, a lot of the retro items I follow are from the UK! The veil I am purchasing is actually in the UK as well. The shoes I wanted, Rachel Simpson, are in the UK too, but I don't think I will be able to purchase those seeing as I am getting my veil from the UK. :( I love the Art Deco style of those shoes! Heck, I should just move over there. I always feel like you guys have much more of a general appreciation for the vintage era as well as the items I would purchase to go along with that style! 
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