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bridesmaids dresses?

so my wedding is going to be really vintagey. everything is pretty much settled except bridesmaids dresses. I want yellow or peacock blue but my bridesmaids are completely different. my moh is about five foot ten inches and shaped like a 40s pinup girl and my other bridesmaid is about five foot three inches and is kind of shaped like...a 12 year old girl. different dresses for them or give both of them an a line skirted dress?

Re: bridesmaids dresses?

  • go with different dresses they choose for themselves, give them a color palette and they can choose a dress for their body type to your color palette.  I have 3 bridesmades ones 5'11 and about 110 lbs, then i have a 5'2 100 lbs girl, and a 4'8 75 lbs girl, so you can see why i choose to go this way aswell
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    When your wedding party is that varied I highly suggest giving them the choice. I had 4 women standing up and their dresses were all slightly different but the same material/colour and it looked great, plus they were each comfortable in the dress they chose.
  • I have the same MOH/sister is busty and avg height, my FSIL is super skinny, I have a curvy girl after her and my last BM is something like 6 feet tall and muscular...quite a mixed bag.  What I did was I picked my color (teal...which I think is considered peacock blue in some bridal places) and I found two different shops that had that color with only a small difference in shade.  I asked my girls to stick to that color, floor length, and either chiffon or satin or a combination of the two...everything else was up to them so they would be comfortable and beautiful in their dresses.  As it turns out, no one had a hard time finding the dresses and they are all very happy with them.  I'm getting married at the end of march, so I can send you a pic of the finished results if you like :-)
  • Hi.  First, please do not ask them to wear yellow dresses.  Most shades of yellow are not flattering. 

    Actually, have you thought of having them wear patterned dresses?  Would this work?  There's a designer I was just looking at who makes wedding-appropriate dresses out of vintage 1950s table clothes (the pretty thin fabric cotton floral ones) and you could surely find two in various prints of lemon, sunflowers, torquoise florals... if you go to you will see the ad for this place on the side of the main page.  The image that drew me was a model wearing a very nice lace wrap/bolero.  Vintage looking.   Might be worth a look regardless, because this company ONLY does vintage stuff.

    Good luck!

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