question about a friend/opinion needed

my friend is getting married and her hair is this orange color.. it used to be a beautiful brown but now is this 'needs-to-be-toned-didn't-get-blonde-enough' orange color... and her eye brows are still brown..

so she asked what she should do with her hair for her wedding, she meant style but i completely thought dye your hair, you look bad...

i know this is harsh but i don't want her to regret the color issue that is her hair.. plus she likes to wear this red lipstick that washes her out and makes her hair look dirty almost... ahh.. help?
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Re: question about a friend/opinion needed

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    oh ick, that sounds terrible.  First of all, I didn't quite get from your post whether you actually told her to change her hair color... did you?  What did she say?  Depending on how close you are, you could always be hinting around about how much you like her with brown hair... maybe... that's a really tricky one.  I've got nothing else, but good luck!
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    Maybe get her a gift certificate to a salon. Maybe make a day of it and get yours done too... If it's washed out, I'd be less hesitant to ask if she was going to recolor it, I'd probably just ask. especially if you know the orange wasn't intentional.

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    I'm not sure if there is a "nice" way to tell her about her hair color/make up faux pas.  But the gift certificate would be a good way to help/hint, and if you are really good with make up maybe you could offer her a makeover, or at least go shopping with her and point out a shade of lipstick that would be perfect for her (without mentioning the fugly red color she currently wears of course, lol).
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    Just ask her if she plans to die her hair for the wedding. It is a honest question and doesn't imply that her current color is ugly. She might catch on though, so at that point I would just say that you liked her hair color better when it was brown or that you don't like her hair color now. It's an honest opinion. If she likes it now, well I guess she is happy with it and that is all that matters. PS if she wants a rec for an awesome color person my hair lady I go to is an expert in the area. Color correction is pretty expensive, but if anyone can fix it Deanna can.
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    this is something my make up artist/hair stylist told me when I asked about hair, and maybe you could pass on the advice and hope she takes it the right way??

    She told me that from her experiance, girl who get something crazy or overly trendy done with their hair or make up have usually looked back at their pictures and kind of regretted that decision a few years down the road. (think if you got married in the 80's with the puffy sleeves and huge cruly do just cause it was trendy!??) So the best thing is to go as natural and classic as possible when it comes to hair, hair color and make up. Of course, add your own twisit though

    hope it helps!!!  

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