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Top Gear modified intro for ceremony

FI and I LOVE Top Gear (UK).  While checking out the other day I found a Stig alarm clock and I was telling him about it. Somehow the conversation became wedding related and we joked about taking the video intro from the show and modifying it to play just before the ceremony started. We would do our own voice over and insert our own video clips. I got so unbelievably excited at the prospect of this. For our voice over we were thinking...

Tonight, at Shawn and Emily's wedding.
A woman asks a question (our officiant is female)
(something else)
And two people walk away with jewelry.

My question is, would this be too much of an inside joke and should be avoided?  Only a couple handfuls would get it out of the 75 we are expecting to attend. Fi and I do not have any real offbeat/personal elements in our wedding, but we do consider ourselves to have a different drum beat.
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