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I'm stealing "Swing Life Away" and using it for the wedding party processional. It's such a pretty song, and FI is excited about the fact that it'll be played at the recption. It also goes really well with my processional (Alkaline Trio's "Radio" on classical guitar). 

I hope you don't mind! I just couldn't get the fact that it was your processional out of my head and I'm picking out ceremony music, and that instantly popped into my head!  

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    just wanted to share with you both...

    that FI and I saw rise against on wednesday and when tim got up and did swing life away the place went crazy. it was awesome...if you could insert a video i would share it with you. we're having it in our wedding too, not sure exactly how or when but yeah, anyway, love rise against :)
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    That's awesome, I don't remember much from the RA show I went to I think we were exhausted from staying at the front of the sold out show, and it was only a month into dating FI, we got into a slight argument on the way to the concert, but we held hands during Swing Life Away and I thought it was sweet. 
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    Of course I dont mind if you use it!  In fact I think that is super freakin awesome!
    And H&S, that makes me want to look them up and see if they'll be in Dallas anytime soon.  I think that would be a great show to see!!
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    Side note:
    My first personal page EVER.  So exciting!!
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    Yay! I'm glad I have your permission! I just talked to our great friend/musical genius who will be playing classical guitar at our ceremony, and he loved all the song choices we have. I'm so excited about it, Rise Against and Alkaline Trio sound amazing together, afterall we did see them in concert together lol. 

    So now our ceremony music is:
    Prelude songs:
    "Raindrops" by Armor For Sleep
    "Walking At Night, Alone" by Armor For Sleep
    "Call It Karma" by Silverstein
    "My Heroine" by Silverstein

    WP processional:
    "Swing Life Away" Rise Against (of course lol)

    Bride processional:
    "Radio" Alkaline Trio

    "This Addiction" Alkaline Trio  

    It sounds great together and our friend knows almost all of those songs by heart already, even though he's crazy and can play along with a song after hearing only 30 seconds of it, so we really didn't even have to prepare him lol.

    I'm curious, how was your ceremony music played? Did you have someone play guitar or another instrument? 
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    That sounds like a sweet music set! 

    We didnt have a musician or anything.  Our DJ just set up a separate set of speakers outdoors and I assume he used his ... DJ machine?  lol, I dont know if he used a laptop or something else!  He also sent me a CD with all the ceremony music (pre-ceremony music for while guests are being seated, and the songs for the parents and WP, my processional, our unity volcano selection, and the recessional).  I honestly havent listened to it, but I think I'm going to pop it into the car next time I go out!
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