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Hi, newbie here.

I've been lurking on the Knot for awhile and finally decided to come out of my shell a bit. My FI and I are getting married Sept. 30th. We are both teachers (we met while he was subbing at my school) and several of our students were "matchmakers." He ended up getting a permanent teaching/coaching job here and we decided (with the school's approval and encouragement) to get married here at the school on a Friday afternoon. We'll have the ceremony in the atrium in the center of the building with the entire school (grades 10-12) present. So about 600 people! They'll be sitting in chairs brought in from the cafeteria and arranged in a semi circle around us. Our family and friends will be seated inside the circle closer to us. We'll have a cake and punch reception in the school cafeteria afterwards for our family and friends, and we've ordered enough sheet cakes for all the students to have it served when they go back to their classrooms. The ceremony will be after lunch and we'll have the school jazz band playing for the ceremony. Our principal is officiating the ceremony, as he's also a pastor. My BM are going to wear dark purple dresses and carry orange flowers. Later that night, our family and friends are going to join us for a dinner/dance at a local hall. Of course, we'll invite all the teachers from our school, so they'll get to see the ceremony and reception. And guess what else? For catering, we are buying all the food from Sam's Club and the home economics classes at school are going to prepare and serve it under the direction of their teachers. They are going to count it as their semester exam project grade. We'll have 25 students serving/cooking, etc. at our reception. Our students are so excited about this. Everyone at the school has been so supportive of us. I just wanted to share my story with you ladies!

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