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im turning into a cry baby!

im watching videos for dj's and everytime i see a "first dance" i start crying! 
what is it about anything wedding related that makes me start crying?
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Re: im turning into a cry baby!

  • I totally hear ya on this! 

    For me I think it is the excitement/joy that I'm finally going to be having that moment and moving forward with my fiance into our lives. I've been waiting over a year at this point and still have about 2 to go. I know it's worth the wait but I when i see these happy wedding things i just get so overwhelmed with happy i start crying. My fiance does to so I'm weepy with him haha 

    The first dances don't get me so much (we aren't doing one) it's other things like first look photographs or vows that get me all teary.
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  • It will pass. It did for me at least. I was extra sappy for about 3 months before the wedding and 3 months after the wedding. Now I'm back to normal.
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