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Live Snake Centerpieces

So, we're having a Halloween wedding and I really wanted to have my pets (7 ball pythons) be a part of it in some way.  Then I realized that we had as many snakes as guest tables, and thought it would be cool to have them as centerpieces, but HOW!? I'm thinking maybe flat bottom hurricane vases, with heat pads or something to keep the temp up for them, but then I have to be worried about them escaping. Maybe rig a wood top with drilled holes? I thought it would be so cool for my beautiful babies to be stars on my day too.

Any ideas on how to make this realistic, please HELP!


Re: Live Snake Centerpieces

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    I hate to be a downer because I can tell how much you love your snakes and want them to be a part of your day but have you thought of if your guests would be comfortable with having snakes on the table while they are eating. Also will the venue allow you to have the animals there, Depending on the size of your snakes the vases may need to be pretty big to hold both the snake and the heat pad. I would also worry about them escaping or a heat pad malfunction and it being to cold for them. 

    Woud it be possible to encorperate a snake theme without including your babies. I have seen a coulpe who made doggy props for their photobooth to include their dog in their day. 

    Another idea which may gross some out so this can be completely ignored is if your snakes had shead recently use the skin as a filler in the vase it would look creepy for your halloween theme and include your snakes without them actually being there.
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  • That's actually not a bad idea. I hadn't even really thought about my guests being weirded out by my cold-blooded kids, but I guess you're right. Snakes aren't for everyone. Hmmm... I'll have to give it some thought, or maybe figure out a way to distance the snakes from the guests. 
  • Have a pic of each snake on your table numbers, so your guests have a chance to see your babies?  Could even cut out a wooden table number at home, let your snake "pose" around it, and take a picture of the scene to use on your tables?  I agree, your venue may not be crazy about live animals, even reptiles, and think of how horrible it would be if something went wrong and you lost one of your babies due to escape, cold, etc. on your wedding day.  
    You could also encorporate the snakes into your stationary.  I'm picturing an infinity symbol but it's really a coiled snake: Infinity for your marriage and the snake fits with your family and your Halloween theme.  It would be subtle but could look very nice.  
    If your venue allows them and your heart is set on them being there, you could keep them in terrariums in a separate room and hire snake handlers to walk around with them during dinner or something, to "show them off" to guests and people who like snakes could come up for a closer look.  Would that be too stressful for the snakes?  I think it would be fun to see as a guest, but then again I'm not afraid of snakes.  
  • The snake skin centrepieces actually sound really cool! I think as a guest that would be less unnerving than a live snake in the event someone does have a fear of them :)
  • I'd be terrified if I was a guest, lol. I'd go with pictures or snake skin centerpieces!

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  • Maybe put an LED in the vase with the snake skin. 
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  • There wouldn't be a snowball's chance that I would attend a wedding with snakes. Not even for my best friend. They creep me out!
  • Animals as decorations is barbaric. Find an alternative.
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  • I agree with missfrodo I understand what it's like to LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your pets (they are family too), but I do think you should be mindful of your guests as well. God forbid they somehow find a way out, not to mention it's not very sanitary around an area where food is present. If you want to incorporate your slithering beauties take pics of them and use those as centerpieces. It takes some of the fright away while still managing to do something out of the norm (shock and awe value would still be there) Or you could possibly (if allowed) bring a huge clear container/housing unite to be displayed at the front door while guests are coming in, so you would have them greet your guests.
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  • I'm clueless about snake sizing but maybe you could have them there for pictures only? If small you could have them on your dress train for a pic or if larger could have them draped over you and hubby.. Snake skin sounds pretty cool tho!
  • While I absolutely LOVE snakes, especially pythons, that not only seems a little unfair to the snakes to be used as decoration, and I know most people don't see snakes as the cuddly, beautiful babies that you and I see them as.

    I have a parrot and I'd love for her to be able to come to my wedding in some way, but I don't know if that will be practical at all.
  • If you are doing photos before the wedding, it might be great to include them in some of your pictures. What awesome unique wedding pictures - you and hubby with your snakes! :) I would agree though that having them on the tables might not be a great idea though. I think enough people do have a fear of them that you might make some guests really uncomfortable. I do like the snakeskin idea though.
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  • I agree some of guest may not like those as centerpeices. Have you thought about switching you boquet for your fav. snake? That would be SUPER cool to walk down the aisle with!

  • the snakeskin idea is totally in the works, we're putting our kids' sheds in medical jars and we incorporated a snake skin print on our table runners to evoke our kids. We're incorporating a couple of other snakey surprises, but I was surprised at the amount of people that have asked us if we are bringing any of the kids to the wedding. So many, in fact, that we are considering having two of our snake enthusiast friends bring around our most relaxed kids (lovely because the male is black and brown and the female is an albino, just like the white of a wedding dress) to meet the guests that want to get to know our family a little better. Our dog will be in attendance as well. Thanks everyone for the great advice.
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