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completely lost!!

so my fiancee and i are getting married July 21, 2012 (our 5 year anniversary :p ) i'll sum it up like this-we both love punk rock, the philadelphia eagles, good craft beer, going to punk rock shows, and plenty of other things.

i'm trying to incorporate our own personal interests, while trying to keep certain traditions in mind; as we are having a traditional catholic ceremony. 

my big challenge is trying to create a "theme" for our wedding without being overly tacky. my bridesmaids are wearing the same style dress and ive asked them to get their shoes dyed to match their dress. the thing is, i've also asked them to each wear a different color. (colors: Jade, Canary, Sangria, Guava, Cornflower, Regency, and Ruby). so im trying to figure out a way to have a theme that would tastefully off-set these colors because one of my first thoughts and ideas after i got engaged was i wanted a lot of colors. (esp. since the groomsmen will be matching the bridesmaid that they'll be walking with).

so yea basically im lost and anyone's advice will help!

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