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Happy St. Pat's Day and.....EEEEEE!!! 2 days!!!

The wedding is Saturday!! So much to do between now and then.  The day will start out great because my bff and I are going to get massages this mornng :) Then to drop off black sugar crystals for the baker. FI groom cake is a snare drum and I wanted the sides to sparkle like a real one.  I have to pick up the table linens from the rental place, double check my packing, clean house and load up the Durango tonight for settting up tomorrow!
It seems surreal!

On another note, HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!!! FI is Irish, but we aren't huge drinkers, so will probably have some wine tonight since this is the last night we will be together before we are man and wife :)

edit~ for those of you going out tonight, have fun and be safe in your celebrating :)

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