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Engagement shoot dress

So, for the ACTUAL wedding, my FI is wearing a kilt and I am wearing a sari, in similar colors. For a short time during the reception, he will change to a sherwani to dance to a Hindi song then for ANOTHER short time, I will change to some kind of Celtic/scottish dress and dance to a Sccotish song and then we will both change back to our ORIGINAL clothes (kilt and sari) for the rest of the reception.

SO............for the engagement shoot? Do I do salwar kameez - more casual than sari?

Would it be weird to do a bunch of different outfits:

In sari
In salwar kameez
In a couple of different 'American' outifts

and sort of match his colors (shirts, etc) to what I am wearing?
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Re: Engagement shoot dress

  • I think it depends on weather you want to go for a 'look' I've seen a lot of beautiful shoots where the bride and groom just dressed in a nicer version of their normal clothes, but I've also seen pretty ones where they go for more of a theme (doesn't have to match the wedding theme). 

    My FI and I went for a vintage look and they turned out really well. Make sure your background and your clothes look good together, I think that's the only thing that can really yuck up photographs.
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