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Food help PLEASE! need suggestions

I posted this on the reception board but i was hoping maybe someone here might have a better idea of how to accomplish what i need.

I'm trying to have guests select either Steak or Salmon as the main dish then sides. Guests get one or the other and sides. But i also need it to be set up buffet style (price is an issue). So i thought of color coding the escort cards and having guests bring them to the buffet and we're having two people serve the buffet and depending on the color ticket you get salmon or steak.

From the feedback on the reception board this isnt going to work, but no one gave me another suggestion on how to do this properly other than to reduce the option from steak to chicken and allow both options for guests... i would prefer to have steak and salmon.

A thought just came to me, what is Family Style? Could i make that work somehow with 2 servers?


Re: Food help PLEASE! need suggestions

  • I can't imagine that would go smoothly. I think it's pretty standard for weddings to have the option of chicken and beef. 

    Family style is when there are all of the food options laid out on each table. At my wedding we had buffet style, but the head table and family tables were family style. We had 6 family style tables and about 5 servers refilling food, so I don't think you could get away with family style with just two servers. 
  • I don't see that working too well, when I go to a buffet I expect to have my choice of item and would probably be quietly miffed if that wasn't allowed.  You can't really have a buffet and make guests have one or the other, it just seems a little tacky to me, but I could be wrong.  I think going with steak or chicken would be your best bet. 
  • edited December 2011
    This is kinda tricky. I wanted steak and fish as well, but am being convinced to go with chicken and fish (plus vegetarian stuff). Have you confirmed with your caterer that a buffet is less expensive? With my caterer, buffet and sit-down dinners are the same price. Or could you go to them and say, "I really want a sit-down dinner, but it's a little out of my price range, is there any way we could cut costs?" They might be able to switch up some of the food, drinks, etc. to bring the overall price down. Or not serving steak might also bring the price down.

    Edit: Also, I see you're in OC. I'm getting married in SoCal as well, and I wanted to add that I don't think steak is necessarily assumed at weddings in our area. Actually, the 3 most recent weddings I went to in SoCal didn't offer steak. If you wanted, you could keep the main dishes cheaper (chicken etc) and put some beef into the appetizers (sliders? skewers?). My FI's family is from the Midwest, so I'm keeping some beef on the menu, but not really "featuring" it.
  • You could just have two buffet lines.  One with steak and sides and one with salmon and sides.  That way, they have to pick the line once but can't choose both main dishes.
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