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Changing ALL Wedding Plans ; Advice Please

Something has come up to there my fiance may be leaving for september/october or november/december. Our wedding date it for October 27. He won't know if he has to go away for two months until the end of july. I don't want to continue to boo, put money down on a wedding that just won't take place because of this that has come up. I'm thinking of going to the courthouse say about august mid month and get married, then head to the park afterwards to meet family/friends for a reception/ big picnic. We could have married this yeat already, but I really wanted an October wedding. We still plan on having a big ceremony and reception after he has to leave for a bit, but any suggestions? Thanks. I just don't know what to do in this predicament, any similar stories? Or where to get a simply dress nice white or purple(I love purple) dress to get? Thanks!

Re: Changing ALL Wedding Plans ; Advice Please

  • If he has to leave, and you are really set on Oct. maybe you should wait another year.
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    If he only has to be gone for a few months, why not wait until after he's back?
  • Because legally I'll be taking over his and my bills, we live together and for our names to be the same, showing i'm his wife, it will be easier. We've already waited 2yrs to get married. The first year because we had a lot of catering jobs we had booked(we do that on the side), hum... I appreciate your input so far. 
  • Here is a website that has very nice simple but pretty dresses and they have a couple different shades of purple for the dresses as well.
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