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NWR: Job!

I got a job! Bahahaha. 

So, I'm pretty sure I biitched about getting laid off last month and it majorly sucked even though I know I'm slated for re-hire in the fall. Well, I've been looking for at least a temporary job since then and have had little luck.

Well, today I had an interview with a woman that's opening a German food cart two blocks from my house. (If you don't know what a food cart is, think a hot dog stand, except they're literally small portable kitchens. You can get pretty much any food from any region of the world at a food cart in Portland.) She needs someone to test recipes and make pretzels and rolls for her sausages and also to create some dessert recipes! I'm pretty stoked, I'll be working in her home kitchen which is a five minute walk from my house. It's only part time, but it's money and I will probably be able to do both jobs once I'm rehired in the fall.

I'm going to go buy myself some icecream to celebrate! Weeee!
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