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XP: my bachelorette party (PIP heavy)

I posted this on my month board, but thought I'd share. I lost my camera that night & a kind cab driver delivered it to my office yesterday afternoon. I would've been so sad to lose these pictures!!

I thought I was having a shower, and so did my SIL> she was the only one who brought a gift. Oops. Nope, it was an all-out party.

We started on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park for 4 hours. It rained for about 30 minutes but we got an amazing rainbow & the rest of the time it was beautiful.
That's me on the left

My daughter driving the boat :)

Then we saddled up at the Cowboy Bar

The 21 year olds who tried to convince me to "live it up just one more night" with one of them. Um, no. But they were fun. And those are the penis straws that we spent all night trying to convince guys to drink out of for us. We did manage to convince a few.
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