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my cake!

i met with the cake baker and although we may end up about 50 over budget im stoked about this cake. they do sound very cool. shes going to do three flavors of cupcakes and a small two tierd cut and freeze cake  and it will also be doctor who themed! Thinking about the cake is cheering me up a bit! 

i have this totally cool cake topper a very dependable friend is making for me of me sitting on top of the tardis and fi leaning out of the tardis handing up flowers to me and shes desinging the cake to make it look like it landed in a garden crushing the flowers on the top tier and on the second tier its going to have four daleks (two on either side) made from cake pops. and the frosting will be the same color as the dresses with an orange ribbon around each layer.

the cupcakes will be bannana vanilla and chocolate (30 of each) the chocolate will have tardisis on them and the banana will have the silver ball bearings on them and the vanilla will have black roses with a silver "disco dust" (edible glitter type stuff)

also she found this really cool clear stand that has an led lit pole up the center.
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