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Song Lyrics as Ceremony Readings - Ideas Please!!!

My Fiancee and I are big music people, and we want to have song lyrics as our readings during the ceremony.

We are having a tough time (lots of songs SEEM lovey, but are not lol),

Do any of you have suggestions?

We are more into rock, alternative, punk --- but are open to pretty much anything.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Song Lyrics as Ceremony Readings - Ideas Please!!!

  • That is so true.  Are there any songs that mean anything to you that would work?

    I used some song lyrics in our guestbook.  but we really like 80s music, and some other more classic rock groups.  It was hard finding some good lyrics.

    Depech Mode, "Just Can't Get Enough"
    The Beatles, 'I wanna hold your hand"
    Roger Waters "The Moment of Clarity"

    See...kind of eclectic.
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  • It is super hard!
    We've come up with a couple good ones:

    She and Him - I Was Made for You
    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
    The Cure - Love Song
    Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky

    What do you think?
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    We used a song by Silverstein, it turned out so well! Our friends in the bridal party were so happy that it wasn't a boring ceremony with cute little touches like that. It did sound a bit funny having my preacher say the lyrics when we were all singing them in our head.  

    Silverstein-Still Dreaming

    If you are feeling down, you know I feel it, now.
    We give each other strength to make it through the darkness.
    You take me to a place I never want to leave.
    I'm in my deepest dream, I don't ever want to wake up.

    But you know our love gets stronger with every word we say.
    Stronger every day.
    You know I would do anything for you.

    Sometimes, I feel like I'm still dreaming.
    It seems like everyday, you're always on my mind.
    This is how we stay so connected over space and time.
    How am I so lucky [that] I found you?


  • Atreyu- This Flesh A Tomb

    "And if feels like you could kiss, my imperfections, my imperfections away.
    And I would stand by your side, until the sun turns the sky all the colors I see in your eyes.
    And I never need to see the sun again, theres enough light in your eyes to light up our little world.

    And I swear to you, on everything I am, and I dedicate to you all that I have.
    And I promise you that I'll stand right by your side, forever and always until the day that I die.

    And i feel immortal, and I wanna make you feel the same.
    So stand by me as we immolate. We can burn in each others arms. "

    This is my favorite song.

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