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Seperate ceremony and recepiton question

Needs some opinions.... We're having a seperate ceremony and reception.  The ceremony will be at 2 while the reception will be at 4.  We'll only be inviting family to the ceremony which will account to 20 ppl. For the reception we'll be inviting everyone from our extended familys and from our work and all our friends. My question is should I be including our registry informaiton with the invitations?  My soon to be mil has said its rude to not invite them to the ceremony but want gifts.  We're keeping the ceremony small b/c we want it to be more intamite and personal.  It's not that these ppl don't matter to us it's just that we're private ppl.  Any opinions would be great!

Re: Seperate ceremony and recepiton question

  • You never include registry information on invites, regardless of the situation. Registry info can go on your website or on shower invitations (thrown for you, of course! ). Otherwise you can spread info by word of mouth. Parents and close friends are usually the go to for this. Best of luck!
  • I've been invited to 12 weddings over the past 3 years, and if I remember correctly, every single invitation included the registry information. I was always taught that it is rude to attend a wedding without giving a gift (however small). However, all of those weddings were invitations to a ceremony as well as the reception. If you are only doing a reception however, the rules of gifting get a little more cloudy.

    I would not recommend including registry cards with the invitation. You should set up a wedding website and include the info on there. I think your situation is understandable, and that most people will want to give you a gift - but you should not outright ask for if these people are not invited to the ceremony in person. 
  • I am actually doing something very similar as far as having an intimate family only ceremony and a larger reception/celebration for friends, etc..... I am actually glad to hear I am not the only one who is private and wants the ceremony to be too!

    I wouldn't put the registry info on the invites..... whether people are invited to the ceremony or not I would leave it off the formal invite.  Like others said, your guests will find out where you are registered via other sources (website, shower, etc).  And honestly, as a guest of many weddings, I ALWAYS give cash or a check and skip lugging a registry gift with me.  Plus I figure then you can use it for whatever you need, whether it be to help pay for what you might owe for the wedding, to use on the honeymoon, or to buy something you didn't already get off the registry....... 

    I hope you have a fantastic wedding!  Good luck!
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