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Offbeat/DIY/themed/outdoor/SURPRISE wedding....

Long enough title?  Nah, I didn't think so either!  haha

Hoping all the links cross over..I copy/pasted from the DIY section.  Enjoy!

I'm just going to blab away for a minute or two about next years festivities. 

Planning a surprise wedding during our engagement party next May has really turned into somewhat of a task!  We are literally keeping this small...and secret!!  Not even 20 people.  His dad and step mom from AZ (we are in SD) and then a friend of mine from FL that I hope to get up to attend.  The rest are in town and the surrounding area. 

We are going with a theme of....dun dun duuunnnnn....hunting.  And NOT the cheesy crap I see on TV or redneck websites. haha.  Since this thing isn't going to be huge we feel that little touches here and there are perfect. 

Invites, of course making them myself and wording it correctly to reflect an engagement party:

Cupcakes instead of an actual wedding cake...but he's getting a fun little grooms cake decked out similar to this:

I have always wanted to do a photobooth but cannot even fathom paying the price for one.  So we are going to use our hunting blind instead.  You know...those camo tents you sit in?  haha  The windows come off and I'm going to find toy rifles, Elmer Fudd hats, bow and arrows, etc for people to use as props.  I giggle just thinking about it.  :-)

As far as other touches for decor it's going to be pretty simple.  I have some old rustic wooden frames that we will hang from the trees (did I mention backyard wedding yet?!) along with some glass bottles with either flowers or something 'hunting' related.  Maybe some of those willow branches here and there...they sorta look like antlers!  Mason jars, DIY rock candy stir sticks, some of these bad boys:

I'm going to make some adorable MINI bow and arrows from popsicle sticks, floss, and Q-tips!  lmao  Perhaps attach them to root beer bottles for favors??  Who knows what I'm doing for food yet.  It's still 9 months away....

I'm just super excited.  Thanks for letting me blab!!  Maybe I'll get some pics up some day of stuff we are working on :)

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