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Bridesmaid shoes and cake, advice needed please :)

Hi all. For some reason it took me until now to realize there was a board for offbeat weddings! I just kept missing it, but I'm glad I found it!

First, I need some help deciding what my bridesmaids shoes should be. 
I decided long before I was engaged that I wanted to wear my converse chuck taylors with my dress. They are black and red, and they are a little bit higher than standard high tops. (If you want/need pics, I may be able to provide some.) They don't really match our color scheme (which is black, white and green), but I don't think they'll be seen unless I hold up my dress. 

I never considered what my bridesmaids should wear. I don't feel like they have to wear converse with me, but I don't think they should wear heels. They are certainly willing to wear converse if they have to, though. One of my bridesmaids suggested they wear flats. I'm not really sure. Any input on this?

Secondly, I need some help with cake ideas. (Video game reference ahead!) Originally, I wanted my cake to be the companion cube from Portal. Then I decided that I would make the companion cube into the card box instead, leaving me back to square one for cake ideas. The next thing I thought about was steampunk. FI and I love steampunk, but any cake ideas I searched for pull up really elaborate bronze amazing things that 1) I don't think I can afford and 2) don't match our color scheme. I realize that bronze is the whole basis of steampunk, but I thought maybe I could find some sort of steampunk inspired design that isn't bronze, per se. 

Does anyone know where I could find some more steampunk ideas? Or, just more offbeat cake ideas, in general? I'm not really getting much inspiration from the knot's selection. 

Thanks in advance for your input!

Re: Bridesmaid shoes and cake, advice needed please :)

  • Maybe you can do the steampunk cake for the groom's cake instead of the bride's cake? That way it doesn't really matter if it matches your color scheme or not, as the groom's cake doesn't usually match.

    As for shoes, what kind of dresses are the bridesmaids wearing? short? long?
  • Yes, what length and color are your bridesmaids dresses? 

    If you are going with a short dress, you should do chucks with them too maybe, and do either black or green shoes, and incorporate white into their bouquet. If they don't want to do chucks, just let them do flats but again with the whole color things.

    I can't really help you with the cake. Maybe if you didn't do a lot of bronze? haha sorry I'm really not in the know with steampunk ideas.

    Good luck to you!
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  • Sorry, I thought I mentioned their dress length already! All of our dresses are long, so I realize the shoes aren't going to be a big focal point, but I do need to let them know so that they can get their dresses hemmed. 
    Specifically, one of my girls is wearing this dress in the exact color shown:

    The other two are wearing this dress but in black:

  • Interesting that you dont want them to wear heels, those are pretty formal dresses! I would just tell them what color shoes to wear and let them pick...if they are heels kind of girls...I would want to wear heels with a dress that formal (unless your getting married on the grass), but others might want to wear flats, I dont think its a big deal...give them a color let them wear what they want, that also lets them off the hook of having to buy something thats more expensive then they would ideally want to spend.

    As far as the cake goes...what if you did a little cake basic cake with a topper (in white or whatever your main color is) and then cupcakes with little sugar toppers that matches your theme on each of them? (most bakeries can do some pretty crative stuff!) Heres a video game one since you kind of alluded to that!

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  • I agree with toothpaste...those are a little too formal for Chucks. And, especially with the 2nd one, they will show. I also think you should just tell them a color and let them find their own shoes in whatever style they're comfortable in. If your wedding is outdoors, I would perhaps try to steer them away from heels, but hopefully they have the common sense to do this on their own.
  • Thanks everyone for the input! 

    toothpaste: I am concerned with making sure my BMs are comfortable and I know that heels can be uncomfortable. Also, since I'm not wearing heels, I guess I got it in my head that my BMs don't have to either. The other thing I noticed after I made my OP was the height of my BMs. Two of them are taller than me, and one of them is the same height as me. I don't think I want any of them towering over me any more than they already do, lol. 

    I think I like the idea of just giving my BMs a color and have them pick their shoes. Given the dresses and colors they are wearing (if you missed it, I posted links to them above), I'm thinking of asking my BM with the green dress to wear black shoes, and the girls in the black dresses to wear green shoes. Is that too much or does it work? 

    Also, regarding the cake, toothpaste you posted a cake with the companion cube! That was an excellent idea with the cupcakes. I think I just need to do some more searching to get inspiration. I like your idea, schatzi, of focusing on the cake topper. Like I said, more searching will ensue. 

    Thanks everyone!
  • Do you know about the blog Offbeat Bride? I'd start there for steampunk inspiration.
  • Giving them a color and having them pick the shoes would be best - I have massive feet (size 11, wide) and there's a limited selection of shoes above 10. If your BM are very tall, they might have the same problem.

    Green could be tricky to find - you might want to consider giving them the option of black also. Also, 'green' is a broad range of colors - they could find anything from lime to forest, and it might look odd. Black is generally more uniform. OTOH, with the longer dresses, they wouldn't be that visible.

    One last note - some people prefer heels (except for grass / sand). My massive feet also have high arches, and I generally prefer a 1 - 2 inch heel, even when I'm on my feet all day. Your BMs might not have any of these issues, but probably would appreciate getting to choose their own shoes.
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