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Hello ladies!

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is LeeAnne, getting married in Sept. We are having a red, black, white and silver wedding with Jack Daniels as the theme. I know sounds weird but Jack Daniels is an inside thing with me and my honey! Got most of our stuff done. Slacking in the dress department, though! Found a company on Ebay with 100% rating and they have been awesome with response. USA based company, Quickgowns. Was wondering if anyone has ordered from them or anywhere else off the internet and what their experience has been, good or bad. I have done some research,which has made me leery on the Chinese based shops, it seems for every good review there is a horror story! Anyone use one that is good? I have a dress I am in love with but will not spend $1500. I know, I sound cheap, but I love a good bargin and I decided to invest more of the budget in actual event then in the dress. Hope everyone has a great night and look forward to sharing ideas!

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    I ordered my reception dress from Light In The I was leery about any of that but after a friend kept telling me about them and how her mother buys dresses from them all the time I decided to give it a try. I only did because it was only a $100 reception dress, so if it didn't work out in my favour then so be it.... Luckily for me it came in gorgeous. The sizing was off, but I didn't use one of their custom sizing options, just ordered a generic size. My sister is a fashion designer so its nothing for her to fix that. She looked at it and said for a knockoff site the quality was actually quite good and that I did good with that one lol! So I guess what I'm saying is its not perfect, but you get what you paid for and for $100 I apparently did well... lol I don't know if I would have done it for my dress if I was a one dress bride, or for the ceremony dress...
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    Hi! Welcome! I got my dress on Etsy - it was a sample, so it was a $2700 dress that I got for $400. I had to do some serious internet searching, but it was worth it. I loved my dress and I'm with you, I wasn't about to spend half of our budget on a dress.
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