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Hello all,
What do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of having a morning wedding? (Ceremony at 9:30, breakfast at 10:30, alone and intimate with hubby by 1:30pm)
Has anyone done a morning wedding? What was your experience?
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Re: Morning Wedding

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    I haven't ever attended a morning wedding, but I would really be excited if someone I knew decided to have one and invite me.  I think a morning wedding would be so classy and very non-cookie cutter. Can I be invited? As a matter of fact, I was sort of drooling over this article (with pics) last night:

    You can also maybe do a dressed up coffee/espresso station pre-ceremony? Just throwing out ideas...

    And it would also be great if you're not much of a "partier" and don't particularly care for dancing.  Not that you can't have your dance - you still absolutely can adn should if you want - but I don't see a ton of guest dancing. It can be intimate and your guests will mingle and talk. I love that vibe.

    I wouldn't bitch about getting up early as a guest at all, but I obviously can't speak for everyone. What does your family think about the idea?
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    This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever read about/seen pics of. Very beautiful sunrise wedding - in a cave! :-)
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    9 seems early to me. as a guest, I wouldnt be very put together, or human by 9..even at work people know to wait to ask me anything until 10 because before I wake up I am just cranky. I woudl much rather go to a 10am wedding then a 9am wedding, also you better contact vendors and make sure they are able to do this. (is your hair and makeup person willing to come over at 6am to do hair and makeup? Will your ceremony venue even be set up before 10 (which is a normal time for places to start shifts if they are not dessert specific locations) Make sure all of these variables line up. I would say 10 or 11 would probably be logistically easier for both the vendors and the guests.

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    We're doing a 10AM (destination) wedding, followed by a 1 hour trolley tour of our location in lieu of cockatil hour - because who wants apps and drinks that early in the morning? Our guests will be dropped off at the reception venue for a luncheon, but we're not doing the whole dj/dancing thing.  My family isn't really into dancing and it will be a pretty small crowd anyway.  I'll have an ipod/dock with music but I don't anticipate many people looking to get jiggy wit' it that early in the day. 

    I'm glad we're getting things over with so I can enjoy some alone time with my hubby.  It will also give our guests a little extra time to explore the area, since most of them are flying in the day before and leaving the morning after the wedding.

    The only complaint I've heard so far is that our wedding is on a Sunday and people won't be able to go to church that day.  (We're doing a short n sweet ceremony, not a full church service.)  Nobody has complained about having to get up early because they will pretty much be getting up the same time they get up for work anyway.
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