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bicycle themed wedding

Hi knotties!

were having a bicycle theme wedding. our date is 09/15/12. Our colors are pink & green - almost hot pink & a kelly green.  I am attaching my pinterst account to this- i have all sorts of idea's for our wedding but i feel like i am running out of stuff to do & ideas! and that there isn't any ideas left. I don't want to be done. I feel like its not 'tracy& tony"  enough.

We are having white bicycles, we have 6 of them - that will be placed around the reception site. They are about a foot long by 18 inches high. they are so cute and fantastic!

First is the Straw Tags - we  will be silver with Pink and white striped straws! How absolutely cute are these! And since our initials are t&t. It looks so cool.

were having a word search puzzle - its about 5 feet by 5 feet --diying

our guest book is going to be a bicycle finger print book. its super cooL!

Caramel Apple favors/escort cards - two bids//one storn ==

The next is the bike for the program display. We could use Tony's bike, put this outside the church, we would just need a cute little basket.

The next thing is for the ladies bathroom. It would be a cute little green easter basket we have at home, filled with things ladies might need. We would get all of the supplies, either at the Dollar Store or from around our house-- its all of the knot boards, ya'll ladies know what i am talking about

Popcorn bar - with clear glass jars -

I was thinking of making these Moss initial letters - Tony said they are too much and we've got plenty to do already. But, I think they are just so cute!

Okay last last one - the gift bags for the kids - there should only be about 6 or 7 kids at the wedding.I was thinking of having some sort of box/bag for each of them. Fill it with crayons (dollar store here!) coloring books, little activities to keep them busy during dinner & the first dances. After that they most certainly can run around like party animals but would like them off the dance floor for the first dance! :) 


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