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If you could snap your fingers and end up anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
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    Ooo, that's a tricky one.  I have a couple answers:

    1. Upstate NY to visit my family and friends--I miss them a lot!
    2. Boston because it's my favorite place in the US.
    3. India because it's the top of my travel list.  :)
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    Right now I would want to go to the Isla de Coco which is supposed to be one of the best dive sites in the world.
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    Back in Kauai, best place on Earth in my opinion.
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    1. on my couch with SO watching a movie
    2. Italy
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    At home, in bed, watching the final season of Gilmore Girls and not worrying about the epic amount of things I have to do. 
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    1. my hometown so I can be around my family and have them help with Ollie while I kick my feet up and relax. He's going through/started a clingy I want mommy and no one else phase this week and I'm worn out by his cute-lovey-ness. I guess there are worse things :P

    2. LONDON, right in the middle of London, so I can stroll down a street, stop at a cafe or pub, tour the city, etc. :):)
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    First of all....I've never been able to snap my fingers! I would be screwed lol.

    I would go to Germany with FI, our dream honeymoon! Hopefully we'll get there in the next 2 years!
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    honduras...on our i don't have to we stupidly didn't book our flights when we booked the hotel a few months ago and the prices have been going up and up and up and now i don't want to book them because i'm bitter about paying $300 more than they were last month. DOH!
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    beckster, i just fell in ruv with you. i heart gilmore girls and have watched them alllllll a half a dozen times.
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    1. I would be with the Doctor in his TARDIS
    (Oh wait, that's not real)

    2. Italy.  I have never been and I want to go.
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    GrauGrau member
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    Germany :) Or, any place in Europe.
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    Possibly wringing the neck of my mortgage representative
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    Prague.  It just looks so gorgeous.
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    I'm not "Irish", but it is in my blood to a degree and I'm vaguely obsessed with the place. So much so that I've toyed with the idea of learning Irish Gaelic. I want to go there so badly. I'd take my boy with me, as well.
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    yosemite, one of my favorite places on the planet.

    and i also heart gilmore girls!
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