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Ceremony & Reception music

So my fiance and I are metalheads. We are not traditional and do not want to have a traditional wedding at all. We really want it to be a reflection of ourselves and our personalities. I'm thinking I want to walk down the aisle to a metal instrumental. I'll post the few I'm thinking about here. But I also am thinking that for cocktail hour playing more hard rock/pop punk/post hardcore music/instrumentals since I know it wouldn't be exactly dancing/party music to play during the reception. 

Here are the songs I'm contemplating right now. The wedding is in October so I have plenty of time. 


that link has a "library" of the songs I'm thinking about. 

Re: Ceremony & Reception music

  • I love the idea of instrumental versions of metal songs. I've even heard some amazing symphony renditions of a great number of metal songs, which I think are amazing, and may fit your event more. Then again, maybe the instrumentals you're looking at will work better.
    My only concern with the cocktail hour is potentially offending guests with some of the music (I know I wouldn't want my grandma to hear some of the stuff I like)... but you know your guests better than I would.
    At the end of the day, if you're heart is set on it, and it's something appropriate for the venue and guests you'll have there, then I say go for it.
    Praying for a miracle!
  • I think symphonic metal is a really cool idea. I think the only potential issue I see is with the cocktail hour - if you're going to play the kind of music you're talking about I'd keep the volume kind of low since people will be chatting. I wouldn't want to blast them out with Iggy Pop or something while they were talking amongst themselves! lol  :)
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  • I LOVE Guns N Roses but a lot of their music didn't fit our wedding SO instead I used the Vitamin String Quartet covers of their music :)
  • The metal we listen to is not metallica/ozzy/guns and roses. More deathcore/metalcore (Chelsea Grin/Whitechapel/ADTR/Blessthefall/Born of Osiris/Lamb of God etc). We would keep it low but that way we can incorporate more of ourselves into the wedding since there wouldn't really be a place for it during the reception.

    Ceremony music/ me walking down the aisle might be a little intense for a few, but they know me and how we are so they will definitely understand.
  • I LOVE ACDC so I will be using a Vitamin String Quartet version of their songs. They have a whole CD with Rock wedding songs I believe.

  • Metallica the TransSiberian Orchestra is freaking AWESOME!
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