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Camo Wedding

Have any of you lady tried or heard of a Camo wedding? My fiance wants to wear a camo vest and i need ideas on how to coordinate the colors for the bridesmaids.

Thank you

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    While camo is not my style, I think this can be done in a way that's not too over the top.  I'd avoid putting the BM's in camo, maybe pick a shade of green from the camo and find dresses in that color.
    Personally I think the camo should be kept to a minimum, to avoid going overboard.  Google "camo wedding" to see what I mean! 
    Light touches should work though, like you mentioned in the groom's vest.  I think that color coordinating, rather than pattern coordinating is a better idea.
    Good luck!

  • I have seen this done once in a classy way. The bridesmaids were actually all in black dresses with green sashes, the shade of green had been pulled from the camo used. The groomsmen were in black suits with camo vests. It did look good, but with this its easy to go over the top.
  • We are having a camo/forest themed wedding!! My dress will be a white dress, but I will be having a camo sash and bow around my waist. Although I am not having any bridesmaids, my mom and MIL will be doing something simlar. My mom will be sporting a small camo bow on her dress and my MIL will be having "camo" feathers in her hair. (Feathers are going to be camo colors of browns, greens and blacks)
  • I'm jealous because I wanted this. BAD. But FI said no. :( Have fun! There's LOTS out there. :)
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  • My husband wore a tux with a  camo vest (realtree) , tie, and hankercheif at our wedding, the pants and jacket were black. I had an ivory gown, bridesmaids wore black dresses, with champagne sashes, groomsmen in black tuxes with camo ties. I may be biased, but I thought it looked great! I gave the briesmaids a pop of color with the flowers (simple pink hydrangea bouquets) and the overall effect was very classy. My husband wedding ring is also camo. I think you should go for it if it makes you happy. For some reason I can'y add photos on here, but if you want I can email you some, or you can look it up online.
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