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Oy vey...deciding on an order of events....

So read my previous post about my crazy surprise wedding if you want to sorta be up to speed.  This will actually be both of our second weddings.  His first one he had nothing to do with planning and his ex did it all. My first was not the norm at all and was a last minute deal.  So this is all very new to me to plan one...and now make it a surprise one!

So, I guess the flow of this event in my head is:

-People arrive in their get-up (if they so choose) to the 'engagement' party. 
-Mingle, chit chat, beverages, sign a big matte framed engagement picture that I hope to have, look at other pics, take pics in the 'photobooth', etc.
-A couple of announcements from either one or both of us to say thanks for coming.
-Eat an actual catered meal that I'm thinking about doing...depending on the time of the event.
-Spring the surprise about getting married after we eat.
-Get married.
-Party into the night?!?!  But not really, since a lot of the people coming to this aren't the partying type.  It would most likely be more mingling and lots of "Oh my gosh" said to us. 
-End the event with another announcement of thanks/appreciation.

I'm trying to think of something I can have to hand out as another favor idea.  Either a frame to put a picture of that day in later (say, their photobooth pic), or anything else...but not a clue what that anything else could be yet. haha

Now, am I delusional in that sequence of events in my head or does that sound normal? 

Oh, and then how will I sneak a photographer in the mix and not have people wondering who the heck this guy is taking everybody's pictures?!...HA!

Kevan & Crystal - How do I love you? Let me count the ways...
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