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offbeat wedding - medieval/castle theme

Ok so we are doing this kind of medieval wedding theme except not the extent that I've seen some guys dress up for (my FI is wearing regular black dress pants with a white medieval wedding shirt) and my dress is champagne in color with a lot of beads...I don't want the best man and my two boys who will be the ring bearers to be too under dressed or over dressed. We have nixed the suit and tie or even just the white dress shirt and vest idea...but not sure we want to get them the same type of shirt that my FI is wearing...would like the guys in purple so they don't match my FI...please help. We have looked at purple polo's but can't find the boys and mens to be matching purples...

Re: offbeat wedding - medieval/castle theme

  • Oh that's a tough one! I myself plan on doing a medieval theme and will probably do it in mid to late October so nobody feels silly. You never know! I wish I could answer your question about the shirts!!! I'll have to spend a few mins doing research. I think my FI will also just do black pants and a purple medieval shirt (purple is his favorite color - thank goodness!). My wedding will be pretty small - 20 to 30 guests instead of my original list of about 60 so I won't be particularly concerned about the ring bearers. I've found beautiful fairy costumes for little girls online and woodland elves or something of that sort on the same website. Maybe you'd like to try that? The mythical creatures are definitely associated with that time period. My big question for themed weddigs is this - Do our guests dress up special too or just the wedding party?
  • What are your dresses going to look like? 

    We are going to invite everyone to dress up :DDD
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