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AW: Fun Checks! (PIP) (XP)

My cake-toppers arrived!  Now that they're all dressed and ready to go, I wanted to post them!  These are Fry & Leela OOAK peg people from giddygirlie on Etsy.  Not sure if any of you girls are Futurama fans, but I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I found these.  FI and I are head-over-heels for that show.  To make them more "weddingy," she made a little bowtie and sent a couple of different veils for me to pick from, haha.  I'm not wearing a cage veil myself, but I just thought it looked adorable on Leela.  Eek!  I really wanted to save them as a surprise for FI, but I just got so overcome with joy and utter excitement when they arrived that I couldn't help but spoil it and show him.

FI's reaction: "Why does one of them have only one ey--IT'S FRY AND LEELA!"

FI approval + $12 + adorable = megawin!

(I'm wearing my excited face!)

Whee, show me your offbeat wedding details!  Can't wait to see more from you ladies as you continue planning.

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